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Pre and Post Workout Skincare Tips

workout skincare

While relaxing after a trip to the gym in your favorite Lululemon leggings and Athleta French terry hoodie, one must wonder if they are exercising proper workout skincare. What I mean is, to wear makeup or not to wear makeup — that is the question.

Think about it this way. If you’re sweating and ridding your body of toxins while working out, then why would you want added toxins sitting on the surface of your skin? Here’s a step by step guide to a simple skincare routine pre and post workout.

Stay hydrated!

Hydrate before, during and after working out. Preferably with water. Pleeeeease, stay away from sports drinks. They’re filled with sugar, food dyes and all sorts of chemicals your body doesn’t need. If you’re not a fan of water, try infusing it with sliced lemons and/or cucumbers, both of which are detoxifying.

Cleanse your skin

Cleanse your skin to remove makeup before working out. Now I’m not talking your full-on nighttime routine — use a cleansing wipe to remove most of it and a facial mist for a bit of extra hydration if needed. I like Kaia Naturals Cleansing Cloths and Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist Toner. The cloths come individually wrapped, perfect for a gym bag or purse, and the mist smells and feels amazing!

workout skincare

Pick Your Products

If you’re not feeling the naked face for sweating it out, then absolutely use non-toxic, healthy beauty products. Coola BB Cream has an SPF for you outdoorsy gals and it’s the perfect amount of skin tone evening coverage. It’s also super healthy, so it won’t interfere as your body rids itself of toxins. If you need a little bit more face, you can add a natural mascara and a cream lip and cheek color. RMS Beauty and Vapour Organics both have gorgeous clean color options.

Rinse and Repeat

After you’ve shown the barre who’s boss, cleanse and moisturize again. Everything you’ve just sweat out of your system is now sitting on the surface of your skin. If you’re showering at the gym or home that’s easy, but if you’re heading out with friends for mocktails (why would you waste your workout on cocktails?) or dinner then use another cleansing cloth with your face mist and follow up with makeup.

Staying consistent with these healthy practices will help you maintain clear, glowing, gorgeous skin!

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 print issue of Sass Magazine.

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workout and gym skincare routine

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