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Setting Intentions For The Season

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As we welcome change, nature continues to show us the beauty of transition. The temperatures are shifting to cooler fall feels, animals are preparing for hibernation, the leaves are scattering and the trees are showing us the graceful elegance of letting go. Here are steps you can take to set your intentions as we move into the new year.


As we close out seasons, pick the last of the warmer season harvest, and welcome fall’s nourishing bounty, it’s a time to reflect on the seeds you planted during the spring and summer months. The seeds can also be viewed as equivalent to goals. Acknowledging how far you’ve come, the lessons and growth from the year thus far, and reflections on what you want to achieve moving ahead. This season is also one of abundance and gratitude. Celebrating the harvest and the abundance of nourishment (looking at health but also beyond the plate). Celebrating success and growth from the seeds you planted and are now ready to harvest. 

This year has shown us many things from silver linings, the ability to do things messy, and the amount of resilience that we have individually and together. Like the trees in nature, we develop deeper and stronger roots from the wind (resistance). This year has been a shining example of our strength, ability to withstand the storm and the beauty of getting back to our roots. Whether that’s coming together stronger in our community or with family, getting back to the roots of simplicity, embracing the “little things,” grounding, and getting into nature.  Gardening, canning, preparing more home-cooked meals and embracing creativity and adaptability. 

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Intentions to Embrace Stillness

The season and the beauty of November’s Blue Moon welcomes even more resilience and the ability to break free from limitations. Opening space and opportunity to discover, explore,  create alternatives, and find innovative solutions to what may feel obsolete. It’s also a time to slow down, pause, and embrace stillness like we are seeing in nature.  


I often think of the strong oak and hickory trees. With their deepest roots and cultivated strength. Though they can withhold such resilience and strong storms, they also have the graceful beauty of letting go. Depending on the severity of the storm or surrounding conditions, the trees either quickly shed their leaves or fall as a slow beautiful dance. This is a glorious reminder for us to embrace change, letting go, and releasing this season. Whether that be releasing old habits that no longer serve us, breaking up with limiting beliefs, creating boundaries that may need to be established, detoxing from toxicity that we may need to release or distance, and de-cluttered space (internally and within our environment).  

It’s a time for rest, rejuvenation, setting intentions, and slowing down. Giving grace and self-compassion for grounding, more sleep, self-care, and love for self and others. This season gives us this time for these gifts so that we can make space for new growth come spring. One of the many beauties of nature and its gift to us with each season.

Reflecting on ways to nourish the mind, body, and soul this season, I am sharing some of my practices that you may consider trying for yourself. A nourished life will assist and support the process of healing, growth and help sustain a healthy body and mind.  

Set Intentions with Seasonal Foods

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The harvest provides a bounty of seasonal foods that are warming and nourishing. This season welcomes heartier foods and ingredients. Such as a variety of squash, pumpkins, leafy greens such as kale and spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Eating with the seasons is a  great way to nourish the body and mind. Our bodies crave warmer, heartier foods and gravitate away from colder foods like salads and crisp dishes. 

Recommended Self-Care Practices

Some of my favorite self-care practices:

setting intentions with flowers and nature

Grounding, also known as “earthing,” is a therapeutic technique. It involves practicing activities that energetically reconnect or “ground” us to the earth and environment.

We may not be certain of what lies ahead with the holiday season and beyond. We do know that living a nourished life means transitioning with this beautiful season. Time will help support overall health in many areas. Getting centered, slowing down, observing what you need in the present, nourishing with the harvest, and practicing self-care.  

May this season bring an abundance of gratitude, blessings and love.

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