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Skin Care At Home In 6 Simple Steps

skin care

At Transformed Med Spa, we believe that successful skincare is a balance of routine maintenance through our services (like our popular Hydrafacial) and diligent at-home skin care. Now that our doors are closed and the world is practicing social distancing, your at-home care is more important than ever! Here are some simple yet effective ways to take care of your skin at home. 

Maintain your skin care routine

It’s easy to get a little lazy when your days start to blend together and the Netflix binge doesn’t end, but it’s important you continue with your skincare routine morning and night! Make sure this routine includes moisturizer in the AM and PM and always SPF in the AM. Even though you may be outside less, SPF is always a necessity! 

Exfoliate and then hydrate 

We recommend you exfoliate 2-3 times a week, followed by a calming and hydrating mask. Our Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel Mask is one of our favorites because not only is it hydrating and the botanical extracts make it calming! At home spa day anyone?

skin care

Wash your pillow case 

You sleep on your pillow case up to 8 hours (maybe more during the current circumstances) a day, in that 8 hours your skin oils and bacteria will seep into your pillow case. By not routinely washing your pillow case you’re letting that bacteria stay and make contact with your skin every night. Washing your pillow cases once a week at minimum will be the most effective in getting rid of this bacteria. Plus, is there anything better than fresh sheets?

Sanitize your phone

No matter how much you’re practicing social distancing, your phone still picks up A LOT of bacteria. Especially right now when your Instagram scrolling is most likely hours on end. To avoid this bacteria spreading to your face, wipe down your phone and try to talk on speaker phone/facetime as much as you can. 

Put away the makeup for now

Now is the perfect time to LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE! Embrace the all-natural look because there is no reason to clog your pores with makeup right now. Who knows, you may like your selfies even better when rocking the natural look! 

skin care

Keep calm and DO NOT pick your skin 

These are stressful times and we know stress can cause acne to flare up, but you MUST NOT pick your skin! When you see a blemish and you start to pick, you’re making it worse. Not only are you spreading bacteria, but you’re setting yourself up for acne scarring. When you feel a blemish coming, immediately add a spot treatment. If your acne continues to flare up, we recommend booking a Hydrafacial or Chemical Peel with us once we open our doors again. 

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