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Spark Joy With These Fun Activities

spark joy

Whew, 2020 has been a ride. With so much crazy following us throughout the year, it can be challenging to stay optimistic. Despite all this, a joyful you is a healthy you. Explore a new activity that will become your next obsession! These activities are guaranteed to spark joy in your life. 

spark joy with disney plus

Spark joy with Hamilton on Disney +

Disney is at it again! With so many streaming services already infiltrating the pockets of almost every generation of people, you may have been hesitant to subscribe to yet another of those platforms. What’s the point, right? Well, if you like history, musical theatre, or just adore music in general, now is the time to watch Hamilton. 

Before COVID-19, the 2015 Broadway musical had ticket prices that spanned over $1600. Now, it’s available to stream via Disney +. Hamilton tells the story of the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, in a way never done before. There is war, revolution, heartbreak, hip hop, and a nice dollop of female empowerment heaped into this hit musical with a 46 song soundtrack sure to have you performing all over your living room! 

spark joy with a ukelele

Pick up a new instrument

Learning an instrument is a surefire way to spark joy within that beautiful heart of yours. The biggest bonus while trying to learn an instrument is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to master. According to Consordini Musical Instruments, the two easiest instruments to play are the ukulele and the harmonica. With pricing that varies from $30 to $80 for standard styles, these music makers are light on the pocket. However, if you want to wow someone with an instrument that will soothe even the most stressed soul, check out the kalimba. The kalimba is an instrument of African origin and is also called a hand or thumb piano. Kalimbas are solely played with your nails or the pads of your thumbs and produce a sweet sound worthy of the ears of angels. Need inspiration? Check out videos by Youtubers Sandrah Araja and April Yang and prepare to fall in love. 

spark joy with poetry

Rediscover a waning form of art

Many people say that poetry is dead. But poetry is more than just rhyming words on paper. The art style is a form of music, self-expression, and emotional honesty. To say that it is dying is to say that it is no longer worthy. Poetry is not dying but is instead evolving. Find joy in the lyricism of poetry by checking out modern poetry sure to grab you by the heart. Collections like Rupi Kaur’s bestselling “milk and honey” or “Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better” by Madison Kuhn are guaranteed to spark your newfound or long-lasting love of poetry. Not into reading? Check out live poetry on Youtube by spoken word artists like Sabrina Behaim or Rudy Francisco. 

spark joy with a podcast

Let your ears do all of the work

Podcasts are popping up like wildfire over the audio-sphere. With so many voices available, there is never a lack of new voices to discover. We recommend giving the podcast Pretty Basic by Youtubers Alisha Marie and Remi Ashton a listen. Their podcast episodes are entertaining and easy to listen to while still being engaging and offering some good tips for the modern young woman. Other great podcasts to check out include hey, girl. by Alex Elle which boasts 161 episodes and ranges in topics from mental health, self-care, and entrepreneurship to so much more. Also, check out The Naked Truth with Nicole Dei which covers all things body positivity. It also shines a light on women empowerment. No matter what you enjoy, there is a podcast out there for you

At the end of the day

There are so many unique ways to find joy in the chaos that is being alive. With new, inventive, and time-tested activities available, the world is bigger than most people even imagine. You don’t even need to leave your home. You can explore the world from another’s eyes. Learn about history in unique ways. Pick up a new skill. You don’t need to set an appointment, book a flight, pay a fee, or sign up for a class.  Try out one of these fun activities and spark joy within yourself in a way you wouldn’t have previously considered possible.

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