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Stay Well and Happy While At Home

Being confined to our homes can be a blessing and a curse, all at the same time. Here are some unique tips to stay well and be happy with where you are! 

Stay Well In Your Environment

Change it up! 

Rearrange your furniture to get a fresh outlook, or just rearrange your shelves. Modifying your space every so often can have a great releasing effect on pent-up stress and anxiety. 

Pick different areas of your home to haunt for work and play. 

Those of us who live minimally may find this more challenging. But, even if you have a small space, you can sit in a different spot on your bed, on the floor, or at the table. Modify your environment during the task you want to complete. Rearrange pillows or stand up some books nearby. Set up a candle, a temporary centerpiece to inspire focus, make tea, and play music you will only play during that task, such as calm jazz sounds or ocean musicscapes. Make a fun plate of chopped up veggies or fruit to have nearby to add to your comfort and incentive. 

Stay Well With Escapism

Check out a free trial with Audible. There’s no end to the amount of emails you can create for this. 

Scribd is offering free books and audiobooks as a special during the pandemic, no credit card info needed!

Many libraries are offering online registration for ebooks!

Stay Well With Positivity & Feel Good Vibes

Do you struggle with feeling guilty whenever you aren’t being productive? Follow @thenapministry on Instagram for encouragement in rest and relaxation! They give you facts and validation about the liberating use for naps and more rest. It has been a game changer for those of us who struggle with that guilt.

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