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The 5 Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

bathroom remodel

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful bathroom that feels like a restful retreat? Not only does a bathroom remodel refresh your living space, it can also increase your home’s value – if you choose your designs wisely! Whether you are going for a DIY bathroom remodel or hiring a professional, choosing the right kind of bathroom accessories is paramount. These are some of the hot new trends in 2021.

1. Floating vanities

Want to create a contemporary looking bathroom for your place? Adding floating vanities! These add a modern look to your bathroom, while also saving space. What’s more, with the floating vanities it is easier to clean the area under the vanity, which can otherwise be difficult and unpleasant.

2. Large format tiles

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, eye-catching tile is a good option. Today, many people are opting for larger tiles. Not only do these look stylish, but because they have fewer grout lines, you’ll have less annoying grout cleaning to tackle!

bathroom remodel

3. Backlit mirrors

Are you going for a regal atmosphere? Consider backlit mirrors. They create a flashy look in your bathroom, and can be surprisingly effective at brightening up the space. Backlit mirrors work well for both small and large bathrooms. 

4. Subtle paints

If there is one thing that creates a huge impact when comes to your bathroom remodel, then it’s the paint. Choosing the right color palette for your bathroom will create a long-lasting impact. These days, subtle shades are the most popular – and they’re easiest to coordinate!

5. Smart toilets

Let’s talk about the throne. If you’re ready to make a good investment in this all-important bathroom accessory, then go with a smart toilet. Not only are they available in different styles and colors, but there are a bunch of features you can find on modern smart toilets. Sensors, touch-free flushing, self-cleaning, automatic opening and closing, and the list goes on.

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bathroom remodel

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