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The Best Planners for Women in 2022

best planners for women

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As we head into the new year, we’re now being overloaded with ALL THE THINGS when it comes to setting resolutions, making goals, and being productive. One of the best tools to keep you productive in 2022 is a daily (or weekly) planner. But, there are SO many options out there. It can be overwhelming to know which planner is the best for you! So, we’ve made it easy and have put together a list of our favorite tried-and-true best planers for 2022. Go ahead, make this year YOUR YEAR!

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Day Designer

The Day Designer luxury planner and organizer includes 12 months of monthly calendars and daily pages with hourly blocks for detailed planning and scheduling. It has a combo of tabbed monthly calendar pages for long-term planning, plus daily pages that include your daily schedule and to-do list, as well as a space for notes, gratitude, priorities and inspirational quotes. It’s simple setup will help you plan the big picture and take action every day to find focus and productivity. ($54)

Erin Condren Budget Planning Bundle

best budget planner

Make budgeting easier and more effective with this enhanced budgeting set. It includes a Budget Planner book featuring savings tracker, spending summaries, debt trackers, and more, as well as a fun gold gel pen, and a budget accordion file to help you organize and achieve your financial goals. This hassle-free budgeting bundle will make your 2022 budgeting plain, simple, and easy — perfect for beginners and pros alike. ($62 $40)

The Happy Planner

happy planner

The Happy Planner is available in classic vertical and hourly options. The vertical layout includes 3 daily boxes that can be divided by the time (such as morning, afternoon, and evening) or type of day (like work, appointments or personal activities). The Classic size has the perfect amount of space for writing, scheduling, and prioritizing projects. Plus, this planner has the option of lots of add-ons, such as fun stickers for reminders, or folder pages to hold important documents. ($30 $20)

Panda Planner

best planner for work

The Panda planner is part agenda, part gratitude, part journal planner, part schedule, part goal planning part life organizer, and all productivity. The daily pages are spacious, giving you plenty of room for listing out tasks, priorities, and two daily check-ins. Plus, each entry includes a space for gratitude and end of day review notes. One unique feature about the Panda Planner is that it is not dated, so you can use it at any time! ($20)

Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Planner

manifestation best planner

Interested in something that’s just a little different? Freedom Mastery’s planner will help you increase productivity and happiness, while showing you how to become the best possible version of yourself on a mental, physical & interpersonal level using the law of attraction vibration guide. Learn how to set big goals and be happy, all while managing your time and schedule well. ($33)

Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets

cultivate what matters power sheets

If you’re new to PowerSheets, the starter bundle was made for you. It includes all you need to clear your mind, set your best goals, and move forward with confidence. This bundle includes a one-year intentional goal book, goal setting sticker book with the signature PowerSheets color coding system, and 24 goal-setting worksheets. ($89 $59)

There you have it, our list of the best planners for women in 2022. Which planner is the best fit for you?

planners for women

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