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The Top Jewelry Trends You’ll Want to Invest In

jewelry trends

Jewelry may have been lower on your priority list than usual over the past year. That’s why now is the time to revive your collection and start accessorizing again. Whether you are continuing to work remotely from home or starting to venture out to public places more often, this is an ideal time to revitalize your look and explore the latest fine jewelry trends.

Permanent Style Matters   

A popular trend emerging on social media is the idea of permanent jewelry. Previously, jewelry seemed cheap and disposable. But the popularity of antique and vintage pieces has helped fashion to become more permanent. This is especially important as buyers want to invest in, rather than simply own, pieces of jewelry that can help elevate their everyday sense of style. Rather than a simple accessory, jewelry has become a staple part of personal style that, if bought conscientiously, can support a sustainable lifestyle too. Good pieces are reused, re-worn, and restyled as they’re passed between generations.

jewelry trends

Natural Beauty

Jewelry is a feature not only of your outfit, but your personal style. This means that antiques or vintage pieces can elevate or accentuate your style. Nowadays, many people are scheduling appointments with consultants to discover hidden jewelry items or pieces that seem more personal. Buyers are now becoming even more imaginative with their jewelry, from decorative brooches to timeless pearl earrings and everything in-between. 

Importantly, for those after a natural look, you can embrace the wide range of styles and designs without compromising how personal your jewelry looks and feels. Vintage jewelry items are unique and hand-crafted, which sets them apart from mainstream items. You can count on vintage pieces to elevate your natural beauty or set it apart from mainstream styles. Whether your preference is a Chanel CC Pearl Cuff or Victorian Gold Drop Earrings, you can embrace variety to either stand out or seem altogether more natural.

jewelry trends

Pearls Are Timeless

Even though some jewelry trends come and go, pearls aren’t going anywhere. They are associated with the rich heritage of the sea and its many mysteries, and stories about the Moon. This has resulted in many designers experimenting with, and utilizing, this gemstone in many modern and traditional pieces. Pearls are frequently the central feature of a piece of jewelry. They create clean, pure pieces that capture a true sense of elegance, without feeling outdated. Currently, the trend of pearl-themed jewelry focuses on larger gemstones and the glamour they can create as the showpiece of your look.

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Consider Layering Your Jewelry

The expression “less is more” has been relevant and popular in fashion throughout its long and changing history. Yet, recently there has been a move towards layering jewelry, which suggests that buyers want even more options than before. Layering has become popular because it allows the wearer to make as big or small of a statement as they desire. Adding more pieces of jewelry can make your look seem more layered and, even possibly, more mysterious. With fewer items, however, you can change into a simpler, more understated appearance.

Whether layering different pieces of jewelry for a unique effect or keeping it simpler with more of the same style – you can create a look that reflects your personal preferences and goals. This can be as adventurous or elegant as you desire, including layering items from the same period for a more consistent style. Or you can embrace different styles, or pieces by unique designers, to truly standout and create a look unlike anything else.

Confident in Color

The other jewelry trends involve the return of color. Neutral colors were previously popular, but with more people wanting to express their unique style, color has become more desirable. Whether playfully or professionally, you can incorporate color in a number of ways. You can explore different gemstones for creative ways to excite your look with color – such as emeralds or amethysts. Alternatively, you can use different types of metals to showcase color in your look.

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jewelry trends

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