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What Successful Women Do on Their Lunch Break

lunch break

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It’s inevitable that some workdays will be so crazy that you just won’t be able to get away. But make sure that’s an exception to the rule! No matter what your job is, you need (and deserve!) a few minutes to take care of yourself. Not only does your body need that fuel from a good lunch, but your mind needs a break too. We’ve asked a few of the boss babes we know how they spend their lunch breaks, and the answers may surprise you. If you hear nothing else, hear this: make sure that you give yourself a chance to reset, recharge, and renew at some point during your workday!

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Don’t overlook the fact that a lunch break is supposed to be a “break.” If you’re pounding your food while answering emails, making calls, or running errands then you’re doing it wrong. While it’s tempting to just keep plowing through the never ending things on your to-do list, the boss babes we spoke to all agree that using your lunch break to reset will refresh you and give you a leg up on the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – some deep breaths are a good place to start. Maybe you go sit in the sunshine while you eat to get that vitamin D boost. It could even be something like a game you love to play on your phone. Resetting at the start of your lunch break will put you in the right frame of mind for the next step – recharge.


If you’re behind a desk most of the day, you should absolutely use this opportunity to get up and move your body. And if you’re behind the wheel, on your feet in retail, or piled under the needs of small children, the same rules apply. Give your body a physical break from whatever you’re demanding of it at work. Maybe that means a walk around the block, going up and down the stairs a few times, or stretching. Whatever a movement change looks like for you, it’s imperative! Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to renew.


This is all about starting the second half of your workday with a full tank. Chances are your energy is depleted, or close to it, by the time you get to your lunch break. So use that time to re-energize. Eat a lunch that includes protein and fiber. Listen to some music that puts a pep in your step. Spritz your face with an energizing, moisturizing mist to not only feel but also look more awake:

You don’t have to do anything elaborate to make the best use of your lunch break. Just make sure you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to reset, recharge, and renew so that you can tackle the rest of your workday like the badass boss babe you are!

lunch break

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