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Who is the Woman You Get to Become This Year?

I want you to think about creating a vision so powerful that it energetically pulls you into the transformation versus trying to push yourself to change old habits. I want you to ask yourself, “Who is the Woman that I Get to Become?”

This is probably one of the most powerful questions you could ever ask yourself — and it’s a question I continually ask myself and my clients as we all continue to grow and evolve on this journey we call life.

Why is this question so important?

When you think about what you want, the goals that you have, and all that you want to achieve, much of this gets wrapped up in the external world, and a lot of it can feel out of our control.

“I want the job promotion, I want the house, I want the man, I want the body… I want all these THINGS, how do I get these THINGS?”

But when it comes down to it, all we really have control over is ourselves. While that may sound deflating, it’s actually the most empowering place to come from. When we can take control of who we are being within our internal world, then we can influence how we show up for our external world. In focusing the attention away from controlling the outside and bringing it back within ourselves, we get to influence the way that the world responds to us.

An Exercise For Self-Discovery

Ask yourself these two sets of questions, thinking about the woman you’ve been up until today.

Who has that woman been?

  • What qualities has she shown?
  • How has she expressed herself?
  • What kind of energy has she been putting out into the world?

And then ask yourself:

  • Is that essence working for me?
  • Has that been helping me attract what it is that I want?
  • Or are there some qualities and things that I need to shift to adjust the way I’m showing up so that I can attract what I want into my life?

Now I know that this may sound all up in the air in your thoughts and mind, but it is extremely powerful within our deep subconscious mind.

It is setting the foundation…It is planting the seeds to be able to receive everything that you’ve been deeply desiring.

We can say it on the external … we can talk about “oh yes, I’m wanting to meet a man, I want to lose ten pounds,” and honestly that’s a big reason why a lot of new years resolutions fall flat – because we’re saying it on the external, but we’re not connecting deep into our internal desire about why it is that we really want this.

This is about connecting to the vision of what the woman looks like who has those things in her life. 

Connect to The Vision Of the Woman You Want to Be

Check in with that FUTURE woman:

  • What does she look like?
  • What personality traits does she show?
  • How does she express and carry herself?
  • What kind of energy does she put into the world and in her relationships with others?
  • How was she able to feel most fulfilled?

And then ask yourself:

  • Is the way I’m showing up now in alignment with that future vision?
  • What qualities or ways of being could I shift to so that I can become her?
  • How does this woman feel day to day?
  • What can I start doing today to become more connected to her?

If those two realities aren’t congruent, then this exercise allows you to see where you’re falling short and the areas that you can focus on clearing to be able to become her.

Once you move into BEING the woman FIRST, the HAVING will follow naturally.

So if you’re struggling with relationships as a strong, ambitious woman, I want you to ask you again – who is the woman that YOU get to become this year to be able to have the relationship that you want?

To me, I see that ideal vision as a Modern Goddess.

Qualities of a Modern Goddess

  • Carries herself with grace & poise
  • Doesn’t get uptight or anxious
  • Looks her best not for others, but for herself
  • Takes care of her body, spirit and mind
  • Brings stability to a man’s life
  • She doesn’t create problems, she solves them
  • She shines light into the world
  • She doesn’t fit in with the rest; she stands out.
  • Connects with people from an open heart of loving kindness
  • Knows her value and her worth
  • Empowers and inspires others
  • Relaxes into receiving all the abundant gifts from the world.

Being the best version of yourself takes effort and a deliberate attempt to do so. You never really know what the best version of yourself is until you start to try to become it. But stepping forth into this presence is what allows your heart and soul to COME ALIVE – because you are getting in 100% alignment with WHO YOU ARE, and there’s no one better you could strive to be.

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