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Woman To Watch :: Tori Mistick

tori mistick and burt and lucy

Tori Mistick, believe it or not, has made a living off of LOVING DOGS! Could there be a better job? (We don’t think so!) Her story starts organically, simply by documenting the life of her dog Lucy, from which she learned to find support and all she needed to live her life. Her passions have brought her to share her discoveries of success, so be sure to check out her podcast and online store if you are on a mission to create a business from sharing what you’re passionate about.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Tori Mistick, and I guess you could call me a professional dog mom! I run a website called Wear Wag Repeat that includes a dog blog, online shop and podcast. I live in a little house with a hot pink door in Pittsburgh, PA along with my two chocolate labs, Burt and Lucy.  

tori mistick's dogs

Who/What inspired you to delve into what you call “pet obsession”, and expand upon it in a way that has created an entire lifestyle?

Although I’ve had dogs since I was a teenager, it was my current dog Lucy who really sparked my dog obsession. I’ve had Lucy for 8 years, and my blog for 7, so I’ve documented most of her life on there. A couple of years into it, I started to get curious about turning my blog into a business. I began to learn about creating a niche and how to monetize what I was already doing. Since then I’ve stayed curious and continued to learn about ways to reach other dog lovers. That’s how I ended up starting an online store, a podcast, and an online course geared towards the pet obsessed!

tori mistick logo

What is your typical day like & how have you adjusted to the current pandemic?

Typically, I ease into the day with Burt and Lucy. After their breakfast, I like to catch up on the news or read a book while I have my coffee. Then we head out for a walk or a trip to the dog park. I have a much more productive day if I can tire them out first thing! I spend my workdays doing blog posts, recording podcast episodes, and taking lots of photos and videos!

Since I work from home and love spending as much time as possible with the dogs, the pandemic hasn’t affected our routine too much. If anything, it’s encouraged me to slow down and live in the moment since there’s nowhere to rush off to.

What do you think has helped you the most with your success?

One of the best things about having an online business is that I can look up tutorials on how to do just about anything. That’s how I figured out how to set up my shop and start a podcast. When I get inspired to do something I really immerse myself and keep learning until I figure it out. I definitely outsource some things, but not until I give it a try myself first. I think it’s important to know how everything in your business works.

tori mistick and burt and lucy

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome to achieve your goals?

It took me 6 years of working on Wear Wag Repeat until I went full time with it. During those first 6 years, I held 2 other jobs simultaneously, in addition to the blog! I was a social media consultant and a coordinator for a local chamber of commerce. The biggest challenge was knowing when to pull back on those other roles to put more time and effort into Wear Wag Repeat. 

How do you reward yourself after a hard day’s/week’s/month’s work?

After a hard day, I make myself a delicious cocktail and watch a movie. After a hard week, I love to get outdoors and disconnect from technology on a hike or adventure with the dogs. And after a month of hard work, I definitely earned some shopping! To celebrate 1 year of being full time with Wear Wag Repeat I bought myself a really cool pair of earrings. 

What advice can you give to our readers?

I would encourage you to “just start.” Nothing will ever be perfect and you can’t know everything. Sometimes you need to take a leap and launch your dreams then figure it out as you go. 

tori mistick and lucy and burt

Who do you look up to or admire?

I admire independent businesswomen who have the courage to dream big! Years ago when I was doing social media consulting I used to host workshops here in Pittsburgh. Then one day I was browsing online and I saw a woman who hosted social media workshops in Bora Bora! That made me realize that there’s no limit to how fabulous our dreams can be. 

Your style is SO creative and fun – what is one standard you go by when deciding on your look or how you want an Insta post to look?

First of all, thank you! I really like to have fun with what I create. I like to look at what artists, photographers, and fashion influencers are doing on Instagram and see if I can translate it to dogs. Sometimes that works out, and sometimes it’s a total fail!

tori mistick pin

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