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3 Trends in Women’s Giving & How You Should Get Involved

Women's History of Giving

Is there a current issue you feel passionately about? Is there a charity you keep thinking about donating to? What about an issue you wish you knew more about, or aren’t sure how to support?

According to a report by Fidelity Insurance, women are more likely than men to have questions about the finances of giving. But that doesn’t mean we’re stingy! In fact, the same study reports that we’re also more likely to give spontaneously. We often lead with our hearts when it comes to giving our money.

Read on to learn more about what motivates women to give, and how we can impact others with our generosity!

Giving to multiple groups

According to Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, women financially give small amounts to multiple organizations. They prefer to spread their donations equally to a range of issues. Most women don’t believe there is one end-all charitable group that can solve everything or have a “single solution”. Instead, they believe different organizations specialize in different causes and want to make sure they are all supported.


This article is sponsored by the Unity Campaign.


Being connected to a cause

In addition, women want to feel a connection with the organization they are supporting. They care about the organization’s story, and knowing what their donation dollars are supporting. Thanks to social media, we can follow along with a charity and learn how our money is impacting others. Also, women are more likely to not be just one time donors. Once connected to the causes they believe and feel passionately about, they will continue to donate each year.

Advocating alongside like-minded women

Across the country, women are collaborating, discussing issues that are important to them, and donating as a group. Advocating as a group can ensure change happens, grants are funded, and initiatives are acted on.

Where to start

Rachel’s Network, Women Donors Network, and Women’s Funding Network are all amazing resources for those looking for other women to connect with. These networks were designed specifically for women who want to be on the forefront of what the current needs are. Donating and supporting multiple organizations together, leads to a greater impact.

These groups also keep women up to date on broader campaigns, such as the Unity Campaign, where donations fund multiple (female-minded!) organizations.

What inspires you to give? We would love to hear from you!


This post is sponsored by the Unity Campaign. The Unity Campaign supports the more than one in three households in Frederick County, MD, that struggle to afford basic human necessities.

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