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How to Find the Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit on a Budget

new years red blazer and black dress

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New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, which means it’s almost time to say goodbye to this year (thank goodness). Like most celebrations these past several months, our New Year’s festivities will probably look a little different this year. Instead of gathering at a bar or club with all our friends, we might be bringing in the new year at home over Zoom. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go all out with your New Year’s Eve outfit! Here’s how you can get hot NYE fashion this year — without breaking the bank.

The Best Styles to Ring in the New Year

Lately, fashion has been… well, a lot of leggings and sweatshirts, to be honest. But on NYE, it’s time to pull out all the stops and really wow with your look. This year, make sure you try out one of the hottest styles of the season:

Jumpsuits for the Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit

black jumpsuit

Off Shoulder High Waist Jumpsuit

By Verdusa | $38-$40

The jumpsuit is the classy, grown-up sister to that sweatsuit look we’ve all been rocking this year. If you want to look totally chic and polished (without having to put in TOO much effort), a sleek jumpsuit is the way to go. Look for classic colors like black, gold, or red and you’ll definitely be on-trend.

Off the Shoulder Dresses

Off The Shoulder Cocktail Dress

By Sarin Mathews | $13-$39

It might seem silly to get fully decked out in a dress this NYE. After all, maybe you’re not GOING anywhere! But here’s the thing: dressing up in something stylish and cute is a great way to treat yourself and boost your confidence — and it’ll help you ring in the new year properly.

This year off the shoulder dresses are having a major moment, so find a style that suits you (fit and flare, bodycon, whatever makes you feel cutest) and get ready to wow.

Velvet Everything

velvet blazer

Velvet Blazer

From Macy’s | $89 On Sale-$50

Velvet has long been a winter fashion staple, and this year is no exception. This lush, luxe fabric is great for looking classy while feeling cozy — in other words, it was BORN for a NYE at home. You can add velvet to any part of your look — your blazer, your dress, your pants — and you will look perfect for a new year’s celebration.

Sparkles, Always

Wide-Leg Sequin Pant

From Express | $100

Sparkles are practically required for your New Year’s festivities. Sequins, glitter, and rhinestones are always a welcome sight on NYE — and after the year we’ve all had, we say the more bling the better! Feel free to dress up in a sparkly dress (or even a suit with sparkly details) for a look that’s perfect for the end of the year.

Glitter Face Masks

Black and Crimson Rhinestone Face Masks

By YUESUO | $12

Of course, it would be impossible to discuss fashion in these times without at least mentioning face masks. If you’re lucky enough to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a bar, restaurant, or night club, this accessory won’t just be stylish — it might be mandatory. Up your style game with a glittery face mask in a color or pattern that complements the rest of your look.

Ways to Save on Your New Year’s Eve Outfit

Shopping for New Year’s Eve fashion doesn’t have to be an exercise in overspending. In fact, there are tons of ways to find fashionable outfits within your budget! This year, make sure you try out one of the following:

Shop Discount Stores

By now, we all know that this has been a difficult year for the retail industry. How can you find cute New Year’s outfits when your favorite boutiques might be closed? The answer: start shopping online. An online discount store can offer you high end clothing at ultra-cheap prices — and get you safely away from the holiday crowds.

Buy Layers for Your New Year’s Eve Outfit

Layers are always a necessity for your winter wardrobe, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. Sure, you might have found an adorable sequined dress for the occasion, but the odds are high that you’ll need a cute coat to go with it. Look for pieces you can mix and match with other items in your closet, so that your new winter fashion seamlessly integrates with the rest of your wardrobe. This gives you more variety to choose from, which saves you money in the long run.

Shop Out of Season

Given that it’s already December, this tip might not help you with your New Year’s Eve look this year. However, it is a great piece of advice that could potentially help you find next year’s NYE look. When you buy “in season” looks, you are almost certainly paying more because the style is in demand. Instead, look for your summer clothes in the winter and your winter looks when it’s warmest. These pieces are more likely to be discounted during this time. This year has been especially challenging for all of us, and we deserve to feel a little special as it draws to a close. And whether you’re celebrating on the town or simply having a quiet night in, a cute new outfit is a great way to help you look and feel your best.

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