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Tayo Ishola Aranmolate grew up in Nigeria and was introduced to the fashion industry through pageantry during her teenage years. She was scouted by a modeling agency based in South Africa when she was 16. Tayo’s journey took her all over the world, eventually landing her in Miami. The fashion industry was a gateway to both successes and failures that gave her a renewed sense of purpose. It fueled her passion for creativity and a desire to merge the arts with humanitarianism. 

In 2015, Tayo founded a swim and resort wear brand, now known as I Am Eido. The brand opened doors for life-changing conversations that led to the creation of the Wonder Woman Initiative. This initiative started as one event with a mission to amplify the voices of women and soon became a series of projects and live events that embody the core values of the organization today.

She is also a co-founder and managing partner at The Gem Talent Agency, a model and talent agency licensed and bonded in Florida and has grown I Am Eido to design bridal wear, jewelry, apparel, and more.

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How did you get to where you are today?

I believe that every journey has its beginning. For me, it was my mother who introduced me to the fashion industry when I was still in my early teens. At that time in my life, I wasn’t quite sure which direction I wanted to take, but I am grateful to her for being the spark that ignited my journey. Looking back, I realize that many different forces came together to help me stay focused and find my own path along the way.

What do you think has helped you the most with your success?

Maintaining strong faith and relationships are crucial to my success. My unwavering faith keeps me grounded and persistent, while my connections with others energizes me to achieve things I couldn’t accomplish on my own.

What has been the biggest challenge you have overcome in order to achieve your goals?

Although I’ve faced many obstacles, the greatest challenge I’ve encountered is overcoming my own perceived limitations. Our beliefs and experiences can sometimes cloud our judgment and hinder our progress. To succeed, I had to unlearn old ways of thinking and adopt new, more effective strategies.

Wonder Woman Initiative Founder I Am Eido

What are you most proud of?

One thing that fills me with great joy is the outcome of each creative process I immerse myself into. I endeavor to approach my work with a clear and pure intention, and when I witness it breathe life or inspire others, it gives me an immense sense of fulfillment.

What are three pieces of advice you could give to our readers?

– Find your why, and stick to it
– Your voice is unique, let it be heard, and let it be truly your own
– From within your heart, so many things can be born. Protect your heart so that it will give birth to great things.

You inspire us, but what/who are YOU inspired by?
I am inspired a few people. On the top of that list are Apostle Arome Osayi and Apostle Joshua Selman. Oprah inspires me as well.

How do you reward yourself when you’ve reached a goal or after a hard day of work?

Me-time is very important to me. I reward myself by embracing the power of solitude.

What is one sassy saying or quote that inspires you? Why?

“When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable” – Myles Munroe

This quote inspires me because it creates a braking system for how I make decisions. If I haven’t pondered on the purpose of a thing enough to understand it, chances are I will abuse it. This also applies to how I collaborate with people. If a person does not know the purpose behind why we should collaborate, chances are the outcomes will result in abuse of some sort.

You can learn more about Tayo and her brand at wonderwomaninitiative.org and follow her on Instagram.

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