Mystical to Meaningful: Crystals for Better Focus, Productivity & Creativity

variety of crystals

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It may seem like a new and trendy phenomenon, but crystals have been used in rituals, medicine, and divination by various cultures for centuries. If you’re a beginner to crystals and not sure what to look for, all that information can be a bit daunting. Some folks often worry about choosing the wrong crystals or using them improperly. In an effort to dissuade those fears, here are some crystal to help you improve your focus, productivity and creativity.

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Everything is Energy

These naturally occurring crystals and minerals are valued for their color, shape, texture, and luminosity. But, with so many beautiful specimens, how do you know which crystals are right for you? How do you know which crystal has the specific healing properties you’re looking for? Or maybe you’re skeptical about how this stuff works!

The simplest explanation is that everything is energy. The sun, the moon, the food we eat, the words we speak, the earth we live on — it’s all energy that functions best when we’re all in harmony. And what is energy? Energy is the capacity for vigorous activity; available power. It’s a vibration that affects the world around us. The sun warms the earth and helps plants grow by photosynthesis. The moon commands the tides and even certain functions of the human body (we are 60% water after all). The vibrational energy of crystals affects the energy fields of the human body in much the same way.

You can dig deeper with this idea through your own explorations, but that’s the simplest explanation for those new to crystals. You still with me? Good! Read on to learn how to choose your own crystals.

How to Choose Crystals

It’s best to go to a lapidary or metaphysical store near you and physically interact with the stones to see which one calls out to you. Your intuition knows exactly what you need. If you don’t feel that distinctive pull to one stone or the other, here’s a list of seven of the best crystals for focus and productivity. These are all great for beginners or the most serious rock collectors alike.

Labradorite crystal


This stone is very popular, and if you’ve seen it anywhere on social media, you understand why. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Labradorite stimulates the imagination and fuels the fires of creativity.


This is a great stone to reach for during a creative session. The energy of carnelian is bold and empowering while also imparting warmth, joy, and motivation into your process. It will also assist in building self-confidence.

carnelian stone
sodalite crystal


So much of life involves accurately translating your thoughts and feelings. Sodalite will help you approach those moments objectively, stay true to your intentions, and articulate your thoughts and feelings clearly and powerfully.

Red Jasper

So many of us are plagued by overthinking, which doesn’t jive well with the spirit. Red Jasper will encourage you to be fearless and excited, while increasing your emotional stamina and self confidence.

red jasper for confidence
blue lace agate crystal

Blue Lace Agate

All agates are great to have around if you struggle with concentration. (Hi. It’s me!) Blue Lace Agate does that and has the added benefit of soothing an overactive mind while providing a calm, stress-free feeling.

Tiger Eye

Life can be exhausting. Sometimes we need an extra boost of focus, determination and will power to make it through a tough work week or overcome a personal challenge. Tiger Eye will help you push deep during trying times. It’s also great to start or reestablish a new routine, or rekindle energy and drive.

what is tiger's eye good for
shungite black crystal


We spend a lot of time on wi-fi, tippy-tapping on our laptops and devices. Shungite is a great purifier and will absorb all of that techie energy. This is a crystal you should keep around all the time. If you’re addicted to your cell phone, a Shungite bracelet wouldn’t hurt!

So, which crystal sounds like the best match for you? Your rock collection will undoubtedly grow well beyond this handful of metaphysical specimens. But if you need a stone to help with your concentration this list of crystals will be sure to increase your focus and productivity.!

This article originally appeared in our Winter 2022 print issue.

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