The Sass Woman

Sass Magazine is a lifestyle and professional women’s magazine with a local in-print publication as well as an online media resource for women across the US. But, we’re more than that. We are a resource for savvy and sassy women—of all ages—who are more than their careers, more than their families or children, more than their friends… a resource that focuses on THEM! Because let’s be honest, we all work hard, we all love our families, our children, our friends, but more often than not, there is only a little crack of space left for US as women, as individuals. We want to help feed that space.

Sass women enjoy dining out, traveling and shopping. They are passionate about their families, friends and community and are professional, career-oriented individuals. They enjoy visiting local businesses, shopping, trying out the latest restaurants, traveling. But they’re more than that! Sass women also enjoy the unexpected, not-your-typical-girly things. They eat organic. They volunteer. They have tattoos (hidden or in plain view). They ride motorcycles. They have multiple degrees. They’re equally comfortable drinking martinis at a posh club as they are getting a beer at a dive bar. They like football and fashion. They start their own businesses. They’re moms by day and bloggers by night. They like adventure. They are always more than what meets the eye. They’re UNIQUE, unexpected, and, well, just plain amazing women. Sassy!

The Magazine

Sass Magazine is a bi-monthly printed publication that can be picked up in various local spots, with the option for a paid, mailed subscription. Sass covers your not-so-typical, smart and sassy articles related to travel, food, business, entertainment, health, fashion, community, family and so much more.

A Note from Founder, Owner & Publisher, Kim Dow:

Kim Dow

Where Did the Idea of Sass Magazine Come From?

I’ve always had a dream of having my own magazine, even when I was little. Instead of playing with dolls, or video games, my sister and I (who now serves as our Copy Editor and Writer) used to create magazines and catalogs when we were younger.  Then, when I started my own graphic design studio, Kalico Design, we had a lot of magazine clients where we handled the creative side for—branding, design, layout, and ad design. I still love the aspect of designing magazines, but I wanted more. I wanted to have a say in what went into the magazine, what stories, articles, and features were showcased, and who our audience would be. So, in late 2013, I decided it was time for me to start my own women’s lifestyle magazine – Sass Magazine.

And then I sat on the idea. For a year.

How could I possibly pull off my own magazine? Also, how could I possibly manage two different businesses? You know, that voice in the back of your mind screaming DOUBT! Luckily, I’m surrounded by a very supportive husband, family, friends, and colleagues whose encouragement spurred me on! I gathered a team of some pretty kick-ass ladies, and in January 2015 we had our kick-off meeting and have been working hard to put together Sass Magazine for you!

Where did the Sass name come from?

Funny story.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had what some might call an “attitude” (no, really, ask my parents!). Personally, I think being honest or sarcastic and speaking your mind sometimes gets misconstrued as having an attitude, but that’s just me. Fast-forward twenty-some years and that attitude (we’ll call it sassiness), still runs rampant. I’ve learned to control it a bit in my professional life, but my husband, Jimmy, definitely feels it’s full force! He has a tendency to say “Don’t you sass me” until we both start laughing at ourselves. When I came up with the idea of starting the magazine, both Jimmy and I (individually) thought it should be called Sass, naturally. And there it went.