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Female Founded startup businesses to know about

Approximately 42% of businesses in the U.S. — about 13 million — are woman-owned and make a big impact on our economy. Female led companies in the U.S. employ over 9 million workers, and account for generating over $1.7 trillion in revenue!

Women are continuing to make strides in the world of entrepreneurship, and these female founded startups are proof of that. Creating these businesses in only the last three years during the COVID-19 Pandemic, these women are making waves and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Read about these trailblazing female entrepreneurs.

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Laura Valdés, Valdes Language Services, LLC

Laura Valdés founded Valdes Language Services, LLC, to help bridge the language gap in the United States by providing top-quality interpretation, translation, and translation review services and guided by the core values of community, inclusion, and empathy.

With over 13 years of experience, they have helped hundreds of clients with interpretation, translation, and translation review services all over the world. Valdes Language Services work with regional agencies and community organizations, food justice, wellness, personal and professional development, healthcare, mental health, education, legal, and immigration justice sectors.

Daniela Procopio, SOLMA

Daniela Procopio is a wife, mom of 3, and the founder and CEO of SOLMA, the first ready to drink lactation support beverage. You can find Daniela chasing kids, dreams, or deadlines.

SOLMA’s teas come with a special blend of nutrients that have shown to aid in milk production for mamas. It is Packed with a number of galactagogue ingredients to assist in supplementing your supply. SOLMA is ready for you, whenever you need it.

Jodi Klaristenfeld, FLRRiSH

Jodi Klaristenfeld is the founder of FLRRiSH. She is a mom to an adorable little girl who was born at 28 weeks due to a rare and life threatening form of preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. After her daughters early birth, Jodi quickly discovered preemie moms and dads aren’t always given the support they need. As a result, she created FLRRiSH, a platform that offers NICU parent education, empowerment, support and resources to help families navigate this beautiful and challenging journey.

Aly Mitchell, Paiya

Aly Mitchell, owner of Paiya, designed Paiya with normal humans in mind. For the busy mom, the yogi, and the social butterfly. Having worn active wear most of her life, Aly saw a gap in the market for affordable, yet high quality active-wear. A gap she has made a point to fill. Paiya offers stylish, comfortable, and practical athletic wear at affordable prices.

Virginia Frischkorn, Partytrick

Virginia, Founder and CEO of Partytrick, wants to change the world for the better one party at a time. Yes, a cliche statement indeed… but, it’s the core of Partytrick. There is more disconnectedness and feelings of lack of belonging in the world right now than ever, despite more social and community-building apps than ever before. In-person community, in-person connection, and in-person experiences are necessary to change this.

Partytrick provides hosts with tools to make elevating gatherings easier, including party concepts, styled and shoppable decor, customized guidelines, with timelines and checklists curated by the pros.

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Katy Cawley
Katy Cawley
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