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Sass Magazine’s CREATIVITY Issue!

Spring 2021

Introducing Sass Magazine’s current issue, the Spring CREATIVITY Issue!

Throughout the pandemic, and now, after a year of facing the coronavirus, we’ve witnessed so many methods of innovation, inventiveness and imagination. So for this issue of Sass, we wanted to celebrate and explore our innate sense of creativity. In this issue, we explore the lives of artists and artisans with our three amazing women to watch and ways to start a successful Etsy shop. We’ve also checked in with our stages, exploring the ways local performing arts communities have evolved throughout COVID. You’ll also be able to read about innovative and creative approaches to travel, beauty, fashion, cooking, home decor and even mindset!

Creativity is part of our drive as humans, a way for us to generate new ideas, alternative ways of thinking and the courage to explore new possibilities. It can be applied to artistic creations as well as intangible, abstract ideas.

We hope you enjoy this winter issue! Please share it with your friends and family, as well as anyone who needs to be reminded that self care is not selfish. And be sure to keep in touch with us through our mail list and digital articles!

Our print magazine issues are available for free at select locations throughout the western Maryland region and our digital issues are available for free to our email subscribers. If you’d like a copy of Sass Magazine delivered straight to your mailbox, please sign up for an annual subscription here!

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