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LIKE A BOSS! Welcome to our fifth annual Boss issue celebrating female entrepreneurship and small business ownership! Packed with over 100 woman-owned businesses, our goal is to inspire and empower you to pursue your dreams with confidence and a boss mindset.

Discover inspiring stories, practical resources, and tips to elevate your business journey. From legacies to local empires, we spotlight women shaping industries. Explore social media strategies, leadership skills, and more to thrive in business. Plus, don’t miss our special woman-owned advertising section and our inaugural Boss Directory.

And we’re not stopping with just this issue. As a female-owned business, we understand the unique challenges women face trying to balance their business and personal lives. So, we started the Sass VIP Society to empower women in achieving their professional goals while providing a space to network, learn, and grow together. If you’re a female business owner who looking for a supportive community, apply for our next VIP session!

We love spotlighting women’s stories and sharing new information in every issue! In order to continue spreading the love with this important resource, we’ve introduced our Sass Insider subscription program. We hope you will continue to support us by Subscribing to our monthly membership!

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