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Sass Magazine’s COMFORT Issue!
Winter 2021

Introducing Sass Magazine’s current issue, the Winter COMFORT Issue!

This issue of Sass is dedicated to COMFORT. We are highlighting many ways to remain aware of our self care practices and mental and physical health needs. In this issue you’ll find resources for self care through beauty rituals, sleep, lodge getaways, and digital boundaries. You’ll also be able to read about two amazing women who have changed their own lives to focus on health and wellness. Be sure to check out our dress for comfort fashion feature (on or off that zoom call). And you’ll definitely want to try our comfort food recipes — whether it’s a snack or a nice little cozy cocktail. 

After all, winter is a time of calm, hibernation and rest as we gear up for the emergence of spring. It’s a time for serenity, balance and planning. A time for comfort, warmth and inner self reflection. We deserve a little time to focus inward as we rebuild and plan for the upcoming months.

We hope you enjoy this winter issue! Please share it with your friends and family, as well as anyone who needs to be reminded that self care is not selfish. And be sure to keep in touch with us through our mail list and digital articles!

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Sass Magazine Winter Issue focusing on comfort and joy

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