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We Have TWO Issues Out!

Can you believe it? We actually have 2 issues out right now! Why, you ask? Well, we’ve changed up how we’re doing things here at Sass. We will continue to publish four amazing in-print issues each year, but we’ve now also added two BONUS digital-only issues. We’ve been listening to feedback from our readers and advertisers, and feel that moving to a bi-monthly publication will allow for more opportunities, more featured spotlights, more events…basically just more Sass in your life. Are you ready for it? Check out BOTH of our current issues!

Spring 2022, Print Issue

Introducing Sass Magazine’s current issue, the Spring TRAVEL Issue!

This issue of Sass will inspire you to explore the world around you. Take your family vacation, book that weekend getaway, try that new cuisine, or simply explore your hometown through the eyes of a tourist! Throughout this issue you’ll find lots of travel inspiration for all types of budgets and destinations.

May/Jun 2022, Digital-Only Issue

This is our third year publishing a BOSS issue and we will continue to bring you this entrepreneurial themed issue each and every year. Our BOSS issues are a way to showcase the amazing female business owners in our community (and beyond), to offer advice about ways to grow your business, and to publish educational articles for those aspiring to become their own boss.

Please share both issues with your friends and family and be sure to keep in touch with us through our mail list and digital articles!

Our print magazine issues are available for free at select locations throughout the western Maryland region as well as to our enewsletter subscribers. Our digital-only issues are FREE for everyone to read! If you’d like a copy of Sass delivered straight to your mailbox, please sign up for an annual subscription here!

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