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Sass Magazine’s BOSS Issue!

Fall 2021

Introducing Sass Magazine’s current issue, the Fall BOSS Issue!

As Q4 dwindles down to the end of the year, this season is the perfect time to work ON your business, rather than working IN your business. It’s a time to plan ahead for the next year, setting annual business goals and strategies.

We love working, supporting and collaborating with female entrepreneurs. For those of you who are running your own businesses, we salute you! But, we know not everyone is — or even wants to be — an entrepreneur. For this fall issue, we’re focusing on what it means to be boss, not just in your career but in your life as well. As you read through this issue, we hope you will inspiration to live your life with a total boss mindset.

This issue also highlights and features our Sass Choice Awards winners!

Please share this issue with your friends and family and be sure to keep in touch with us through our mail list and digital articles!

Our print magazine issues are available for free at select locations throughout the western Maryland region and our digital issues are available for free to our email subscribers. If you’d like a copy of Sass delivered straight to your mailbox, please sign up for an annual subscription here!

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