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Sass Magazine’s BOSS Issue!
Fall 2020

Introducing Sass Magazine’s BOSS Issue!

October has unofficially (and now officially) become the month to focus on entrepreneurship and business! It’s a time for us to celebrate women business owners and small businesses both locally through our magazine, as well as nationally through

Now, we know some people don’t like the phrases girl boss, fempreneur, boss babe, or mompreneur. But, here’s the thing — we’re proud to be a female-owned business. And no matter what we call ourselves, or how others refer to us, we know that we are boss (and so are you!). We’re
putting in the work and we’re making things happen. And we love supporting our fellow women entrepreneurs. So, whether you want to be called a girl boss, boss lady or boss babe — or if you just want to be known as an entrepreneur or THE boss — you do you. Either way, you’re working
hard to make your dreams come true, you’re setting an example for young girls everywhere, and you’re kickin’ ass! Keep at it!

We hope you enjoy this special boss issue! Please share it with your friends and family, as well as business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs who may need some inspiration, resources and support. And be sure to keep in touch with us through our mail list and digital articles!

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