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Sass Magazine’s Resiliency Issue!
Summer 2020

Introducing Sass Magazine’s Resiliency Issue—our very first digital issue!

It’s been a rocky road the past several month and we know how much this global pandemic is affecting everyone!

Yet, despite the hardships, fear and overwhelm, we have been inspired by how individuals, small businesses and community leaders have come together to support one another. In these tough times, we’ve witnessed amazing stories of creative thinking, strength, collaboration and resiliency. So, we wanted to acknowledge and share those stories.

This way these stories of resiliency, community, strength and growth can reach beyond our own geographic area and reach a larger audience. Because, let’s be honest, we could all use some motivation and inspiration these days!

It wasn’t an easy issue for us to put together. We had to re-work our entire magazine process and production regimens. But it was totally worth it! We hope you enjoy this issue! Please share it with your friends and family, and keep in touch with use through our mail list and digital articles! We’ll be looking for more community stories in the near future!

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Sass Magazine Summer 2020 The Resiliency Issue