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Sass Magazine’s ECO Issue!

Summer 2021

Introducing Sass Magazine’s current issue, the Summer ECO Issue!

Over the past year, COVID-related lockdowns forced us to stay home. With significantly less travel and commuting, we saw improvements to air, water and noise pollution, as well as a positive impact on wildlife around the globe. In truth, it will take years to assess exactly how the pandemic has affected the environment. However, as the world reopens, it’s important that we continue to embrace living a conscious and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

We all live on this planet together and our individual actions effect our environment and thus one another. This is an important matter needing to be researched, discussed and acted upon –– however different the degree of action we choose. And in true Sass fashion, our goal was to approach this issue’s theme in a holistic, big picture, thought-provoking way (hopefully we nailed it!).

Everyone is at a different place in their green-living journey. But in this issue, you’ll read about the tiny changes one can make to live more sustainably and so much more!

Please share this issue with your friends and family and be sure to keep in touch with us through our mail list and digital articles!

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