What Is Your Birthstone’s Meaning?

What does your birthstone mean?

I remember going into Claires to get my ears pierced for the first time. My goal pair of earrings were Amethyst because I am a February baby. Back then, the idea was just that they were cool and a representation of my birthday. But now that I understand a little more of the “woo” end of things, I also know that a birthstone’s meaning is more than a representation of just the month you happened to be born in.

Precious stones carry different powers that can help with clarity, stability, and peace. You may have seen a friend or family member bring their stones out during a full moon and wonder “What is going on?” This is the perfect example of charging your stones to get the most out of their abilities.

Full disclosure: I keep my stones with me when I travel or am going to a place I feel unsure about. Something about having them nearby grounds me. Just holding one soothes my worries.

Now, let’s dive into your birthstone’s meaning and what powers it may possess!

January – Garnet

Garnet can help you stay safe while traveling, or help you find things that are lost. Break this one out next time you can’t find that ring you love dearly.

February – Amethyst

Amethyst is reputed to reduce sad or anxious feelings. What a great birthstone to have!

March – Aquamarine

If you have trouble communicating or feel there is a block in your communication, Aquamarine has been said to improve communication issues. Next time you have an important meeting or are nervous, you might want to bring Aquamarine along to help support your discussion.

April – Diamond

Have you recently had an argument with a loved one? Diamonds are said to aid in reconciling with others. This may be the birthstone you need on hand before having a tough but important reconciliation.

May – Emerald

Having Emerald around will help with a lot of different issues that may be occurring in your life. Whether it is a bad time in the economy, sadness, or the need to bring some prosperity into your life in the form of success, friendship, and love, Emerald is the go-to birthstone for this type of power.

June – Pearl

You may already have some form of Pearl jewelry in your home but authentic Pearls carry a lot of power which can be helpful or harmful. Basically, Pearls absorb emotions so if you wear one while sad, it will carry that sadness. Best to put on your Pearls when you are feeling your best!

July – Ruby

Afraid of something coming up like a business meeting, tough conversation with a loved one, or taking a major step in your life? You might want to have a Ruby nearby because they help overcome fears!

August – Peridot

Feeling a little unbalanced lately? Peridot is known to help you feel a little more aligned in life. You want to have your trusty Peridot ready when you start to feel a bit frazzled with work and life in general.

September – Sapphire

Relationships and Sapphire have always been connected. Sapphire has the power to strengthen your love. Ironically, they also have been known to increase your intuition which may or may not be related to relationships as well!

October – Opal

Similar to Pearls, Opals also attract the energy you bring to them while wearing. Avoid if you are feeling down but break out that Opal when you are feeling your best. An added bonus, Opal is said to protect your eyesight!

November – Topaz

You are a smart, determined individual (we already know this without knowing you) but if you need a little brain boost, Topaz has been known to increase your brain power if you are feeling a bit mentally sluggish. You may also find your strength increased as well.

December – Turquoise

Feeling a bit sad or distraught? It could have been a rough week at work or maybe you are just overwhelmed. Turquoise has been said to relax you, both mind and body.

Remember, you can utilize the power of any of these stones. If you have a need that is outside of your birth month, make sure to tap into what type of strength you need at the moment. You can never have too many precious stones!

Sarah Degeorge
Sarah DeGeorge

Sarah is a digital marketing specialist who works in paid and organic marketing, public relations, and social media marketing and management to help small businesses find their authentic voice for their audience. When Sarah is not working on a digital marketing strategy, you will find her on a walk at a local park, reading, or working in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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