5 Signs You Have Poor Communication In Your Relationship

poor communication with husband

Poor communication in your relationship is the most common reason couples split up. Without proper communication, couples cannot share their ups and downs, causing them to resent one another.

In many cases, the partner who has poor communication will end up confiding in another person. If that person is of the opposite sex, they might have an affair. So, you must communicate well if you want your relationship to pass the test of time.

Here are the signs of communication problems and solutions.

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One-sided Text Messages Can Mean There’s Poor Communication in Your Relationships

If you take your time to craft thoughtful messages, but your partner only sends an “OK” text message, this might mean communication problems in your relationship. When someone replies to a thoughtful paragraph with a one-word text, it can make you lose interest in talking with them.

Some people prefer to talk in person and might not want to communicate via mobile. That’s why it is essential to know the communication preferences of your partner. But if they text long messages to their other friends but short and thoughtless ones to you, you need to talk about this. Something is amiss.

Overreacting Over Certain Topics

Certain topics cause your partner to explode in anger when discussed. For instance, they might get overly angry over finance discussions, which makes you avoid such issues. The anger is a self-defense mechanism for such people, but this can be abusive to you. It is strange not sharing details about work or finance because one partner gets mad about it, which signals communication problems.

It is best to solve the problem as soon as it occurs since the explosive person can become anxious, depressed, isolated, and increasingly edgy. The receiving party can become resentful.

You Have Communication Problems If There Is Forgetfulness

If you’ve been seeing someone for half a year, it is expected that they know about both your work and personal life. If you notice that they do not remember you have siblings, your latest work project, or personal goals and ambitions, this is a sign of communication problems among couples despite you telling them.

Partners who have issues recalling significant facts and dates are highly distracted, self-absorbed, or not invested in the relationship. Be sure to observe your partner and their behavior over a considerable period before concluding. To avoid fighting and breaking down, determine the best way to have effective communication with them.

The Majority Of The Interaction Is Electronic

Mobile phones, when overused, can be a mood killer. One good example is if you mobile chat with your partner when they are away, and when you are in the same room, you are both on your phones.

Smartphones can be ideal for helping keep you connected to your partner. It can help avoid communication problems in long-distance relationships but keep your devices away when you are together.

If you want communication that is honest and caring, ensure you put work into your face-to-face communication, and you will enjoy a loving, healthy, and bonded relationship

Keeping Big News To Yourself Can Mean There’s Poor Communication in Your Relationship

When something big happens in your life, whether good or bad, you want to share it with your partner. You want them to be part of your happiness and to comfort you when you’re sorrowful. The moment you start keeping big news to yourself, because they will not see why your good news is a big deal, or they will think you are overreacting to some bad news, you know you have communication problems.

When two people are building one life together, keeping secrets can destroy it. On the contrary, sharing everything can create an everlasting bond. Have a conversation and determine the root cause of the issue and solve it.

What’s the conclusion?

The symptoms of communication problems explained above are but a few. There are many more signs that indicate communication issues in a couple. And once you see any one of them, it is best to nip it in the bud on the onset. Do not let the problem escalate and lose the years of effort you’ve invested in a broken relationship.

Both of you must have a conversation about communication problems, causes, and solutions so that you can move forward. You need to work on the relationship together. Happy dating!

Has any of these ways applied to your relationship before? We’d love to hear your experience and how you overcame the poor communication in your relationship in the comment section below.

Sherry Kimball
Sherry Kimball

Sherry Kimball is a writer and relationships consultant. In her free time, she writes for the best hookup sites review. She is inspired to support couples, teach them skills that lead to healthy, happy, and romantic partnerships. Sherry enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of relationships, weddings, and dating. Her interests in her free time are cooking and sports.

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2 thoughts on “5 Signs You Have Poor Communication In Your Relationship

  1. Thea says:

    yes I have problems with my previous girlfriend lack of communication, I brought it up to her several times but for some reason she still doesn’t knowledge communication is the factor of a relationship.

    • Kim Dow says:

      We’re sorry that you felt you didn’t have good communication with your previous girlfriend, it is such an important factor in any type of relationship. Hopefully by the word “previous” it means you may have moved on to find someone who you feel you communicate with better. We wish you the best of luck!

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