Is Your Relationship Healthy? 9 Signs of Compatibility

is your relationship healthy?

There’s no denying that everyone is looking for “the right person.” But how can you know which person is “the right one?” What if they’re right in front of you and you just never realized it? Keep a lookout for these signs of compatibility in a relationship!

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Equal Consideration

It may seem obvious, but are you and this other person both thoughtful and considerate? Do you remember important dates, milestones, and special occasions? These little things show you both care and actually listen to each other, which is so important in a healthy relationship.

Emotional Stability

Everyone can have a bad day, outbursts, and ups and downs. But being emotionally stable is important for the success of a long-term relationship. Do people what to expect from you, or are your behaviors and emotions erratic? Being able to express yourself healthily, and knowing that your partner is receptive, is an important indicator you’re dating the right person.

You Understand Each Other’s Love Language

Love makes a couple thrive, so knowing that you both receive and understand love in unique ways puts your relationship on the right path. As far as signs of compatibility go, communicating love in a way each other can receive it is vital! Just because you feel loved when your partner does and says certain things, doesn’t mean that those same things communicate love to them. If you’ve spent the time to understand each others’ love language, you’re on the right track.

is your relationship healthy?

Committed to Growing Together

Commitment is an essential trait that allows you to know if things will work out for you as a couple. Whether you look to move in together or own a business, growing from one level to the next is a sign you could make a great couple. In many situations, you’ll get in the relationship without a picture of the things you want to achieve in a specific period. But being willing to collaborate and stick with each other – even when the going gets tough – is a crucial element of your relational success.

You Make Decisions Jointly

To succeed as a couple you have to be partners, so no one calls the shots on everything. This includes decision-making, such as the kids you want to have and the house you would like to build. Simple decisions like couple activities for the weekends also require both of your input, as making decisions together gives you the chance to listen to each other’s concerns.

Proud of Each Other’s Achievements

Mutual support is an important key to any healthy relationship. Your partner’s success should not be intimidating, neither should it make you feel jealous or inferior. It’s important to always be excited about each other’s accomplishments and celebrate even the smallest wins with occasions like a nice dinner. Insecurity and jealousy of other partner’s success is a bad sign.

is your relationship healthy?

You Fight Fair

Conflicts are inevitable in a relationship, but having them does not mean you’re incompatible. In fact, dealing with conflicts the right way determines if you can make a great couple. So if your conflicts are mostly constructive, and have no real malice behind them (like unconstructive criticism, bringing up past hurts, or fighting over meaningless things) this is one of the signs of good compatibility.

You Trust Each Other

Trust is essential to build a strong bond. Are you and your partner willing to open up to each other? Then you’ve got a solid foundation. Trustworthiness leads to openness, which leads to more trust, and so on. Get started on the right foot. A compatible couple should be open with each other.

You Prioritize Each Other

Partners in a good relationship make each other the priority. Things come up, of course. But if you are both going out of your way to show preference to each other and make space for each other, then you are prioritizing your relationship. You should be getting each other’s time and attention.

Robert Faulkner
Robert Faulkner

Robert Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with couples of different ages and wants to share his thoughts about relationships with you. Robert’s hobby is traveling inside the UK and abroad. He has visited more than 15 countries, including the USA, Spain, France, the Netherlands, etc. One of Robert’s biggest dreams is to take a photo on the top of Everest. More information about Robert can be found on best hookup sites.

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