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15 Ideas: Things To Do On a Screen-Free Evening

things to do

We’ve all heard that too much screen time is bad for us in a bunch of ways. Among other things, it can affect our sleep, eyesight, stress levels, self-esteem, anxiety, and social connectedness. Every now and then we just need to put the screens down and step away! Are you ready to have a reset but wondering about things to do that don’t involve your phone? Here are a few ideas for your next screen-free evening.

Be a Player

  • Practice your golf swing or shoot some hoops in the driveway
  • There are plenty of things to do with cards; try a new card game
  • Break out a board game! Here are some of our Sass Crew favorites

Get Outside

  • Walk and talk with your family. Maybe it’s time to brainstorm next year’s vacay destination!
  • Nothing beats sitting around the firepit and making s’mores
  • There are always things to do in the yard. No time like the present to clean out the flowerbeds

Practice Self-Care

  • A bubble bath and a good book are good for the soul
  • Break out your face masks and nail polish for some beauty treatments
  • Do you keep a journal? Break it out and dump all your thoughts and feelings into it

Get in the Kitchen

Be Productive

  • You’ve been putting it off but now’s the time to purge your wardrobe, clean your jewelry, and catch up on your ironing
  • The holidays are coming. Decorate and make your house feel festive!
  • Write some real life, snail mail, honest to goodness thank you letters

However you spend your screen-free evening, you’ll be glad you gave yourself a break from the norm. We all need a reset from time to time. And this list of things to do is just the beginning!

things to do

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