Gardening Tips for Beginners: A Quick & Easy Guide

Beginners guide to starting a garden

If you’re new to gardening, don’t worry! This gardening for beginners guide will provide you with all the essential tips and tricks to help you start your own garden. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious backyard, you’ll learn everything you need to know to grow your own plants and enjoy the beauty of gardening.

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Plan Your Garden — Now Cut That Plan In Half

Most of us plant for WAY more than we need, especially when we’re just beginning our garden. That means more maintenance, more water, more stress and more time hollering at your kids or significant other to do some weeding. A tomato plant can bear more than 15 pounds of fruit a season. One plant. Consider this and share those six-pack of seedlings with a friend.

Use Raised Beds Or Containers For Edible plants

If you’re a beginner gardener or have limited space, using raised beds or containers can be a great option. Raised beds are essentially elevated garden beds that are filled with soil. They provide better drainage and can help prevent soil compaction. They also make it easier to control weeds and pests. Containers, on the other hand, are portable and can be placed anywhere, even on a balcony or patio. They are perfect for growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers. When using raised beds or containers, make sure to choose the right size and depth for the plants you want to grow. Also, don’t forget to provide adequate water and nutrients to your plants, as they may dry out faster in raised beds or containers.

Schedule a Specific Time Each Day To Tend Your Garden

One of the most important tasks in gardening is watering your plants. It’s crucial to provide them with the right amount of water to ensure their growth and health. To make watering more efficient and consistent, it’s helpful to schedule a specific time each day to water your plants. This will help you establish a routine and ensure that your plants receive the necessary hydration. Additionally, watering in the morning or evening is generally recommended, as it allows the water to penetrate the soil before the heat of the day or evaporates overnight. Remember to adjust your watering schedule based on the weather conditions and the specific needs of your plants.

The Eco and Green Living Issue

Keep Neen Oil and Bt Spray On Hand

When it comes to pest control in your garden, using organic pesticides is a great option. Organic pesticides are made from natural ingredients and are safer for the environment and beneficial insects. They can effectively control pests without harming your plants or introducing harmful chemicals into your garden.

These organic pesticides kept in handy spray bottles will make it easier for you to cope with the pests that will inevitably find your garden.  Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) based sprays will take care of cabbage worms, leaf miners and thrips. Neem oil will target sucking pests like aphids, mealybugs and mites. Don’t panic the minute you see insects. Monitor the situation instead and spray in the early morning if populations are steadily growing.

Research suggests that gardening is one of the top stress busters for women, offers physical exercise and supports mental health. With these easy gardening tips in mind, you have no excuse! So c’mon — get out there and garden! Wow your friends with a gourmet salad or a stir-fry whipped up from your own garden and feel GREAT about it. It’s worth a little dirt under the nails, don’t you think?

PS-to reward yourself for a gardening job well done, try one of this DIY cocktail recipe with ingredients straight out of your garden!

Marianna Wilbburn

A California native, Marianne is a Master Gardener who currently lives and writes from Lovettsville, VA. She is the author of Big Dreams, Small Garden, and the creator of The Small Town Garden.

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