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Nature is unique and beautiful. Lots of people like to bring that beauty into their homes with houseplants. And keeping succulents as houseplants has become popular for many reasons. Aside from their uniquely charming colors, shapes, and sizes, there are also lesser-known benefits to keeping succulents. Did you know they can offer a few mental, emotional, and health benefits?

What Are Succulents?

Succulents are a type of plant that stores water in their leaves. Because of that, the leaves tend to be thick and fleshy. Compared to other plants, succulents also thrive in dry climates and typically do not like humidity. They do not need much water to survive and can endure a long period of drought as they rely on their stored water and nutrients.

One thing to note about succulents as houseplants is that you want to avoid soaking their roots underwater for too long, or else they will rot and die. Succulents have a variety of species, but most of them prefer warm temperatures and cannot stand freezing. This type of plant is straightforward to propagate under the right conditions and is familiar to new plant lovers.

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Benefits Of Having Succulents as Houseplants

Succulents are fun to look at and easy to care for. Do you need any more reasons to bring a few home? We didn’t think so. But just in case, check out these benefits to keeping succulents around.

Purifies the Air Around You

During photosynthesis, plants take up the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen as the product of the process. But unlike other plants, succulents do not emit carbon dioxide at night. Instead, they continue to produce oxygen. Nothing beats fresh oxygen compared to the usual polluted air we breathe.

Healing Factor

Some succulents, like those leafy ones, can lower high blood pressure. You will have to eat the leaves of those succulents in the correct quantity to lower your blood pressure. Aside from that, some succulents can treat sore throats, the common cold, and dry, itchy skin. Some studies even mention that succulents could increase pain tolerance and aid in quick recovery.

Lift Your Mood

Succulents and other typical house plants can reduce stress, eliminate harmful toxins, and increase positivity. In general, having greenery and nature around you can help you feel more relaxed and calm. Having house plants allows you to create an indoor sanctuary to enhance your mood and create a soothing living space.

Improve Your Concentration and Enhance Your Memory

The upbeat appearances of some succulents can brighten up a space, thereby increasing your concentration. Studies show that having a succulent on your desk or work area can help you focus. Like other interactions with nature, simply enjoying your succulents as houseplants can even improve your memory!

Can Be Eaten as a Source of Protein

Under proper care, some succulents can produce fruits that can be eaten. The fruits are rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. Some succulents are also packed with protein. Edible succulents can be eaten raw, grilled, juiced, or mashed. For instance, you can eat saguaro for vitamin C and B12 or dragon fruits for multi-vitamin benefits.

Tasty Snack Option

Same with how some succulents have protein, nutrients, and vitamins, some succulents are simply popular as tasty snacks. Some edible and delicious succulents are sea beans, pineapple, yuca, opuntia, and saguaro. Sea beans have a similar taste to asparagus but are slightly saltier and can be eaten raw or pan fried. Some succulents are popular ingredients in salsa, and other like yuca are made into fries.

Enhance Weight Loss

Succulents are rich in fiber and contain a lot of water. Consuming even a small amount of succulents can make you feel full and satisfied. As always, be sure to do your research to determine what plants are safe to eat and which ones should be avoided!

Medicinal Benefits

Succulents contain several antioxidants, which ensure that healthy cells are free from damaging radicals. There are some ongoing medical studies that show promising results in the use of succulents as medicines.

Final Words

Stay curious about the variety of succulents around you, and you’ll surely find the perfect plant for your home. There are so many types of succulents, and so many benefits to owning them, that we’re confident if your next plant baby is a succulent you’ll be a happy customer.

Richard Miller
Richard Miller

Hi, my name is Richard. I am a succulent enthusiast and the owner of Succulent City. My passion is to share the love of this plant with everyone on the planet. I hope you like the content. Happy reading!

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