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This Year’s Popular Paint Colors for Your Bedroom and Living Room

popular paint colors

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Thinking of renovating your home interior in 2022? A lick of paint can have an immeasurable effect on your mood and well-being, while adding new furnishings and décor pieces can transform your color scheme. Looking into worldwide Google searches over the last twelve months, we explore the most popular paint colors of 2022 for some of the most popular rooms of your home: your bedroom and living room.

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Popular Paint Colors for the Bedroom

popular paint colors

1. Black – 396,000 annual Google searches

It has been thought that dark bedroom wall colors can help facilitate a good night’s sleep, by reducing the amount of active energy in the room and the amount of light absorbed during the day. 2022 sees the rise in popularity of black bedrooms, including shades of charcoal and dark grey.

2. White – 274,800 annual Google searches

White, bright walls have been a classic in interior design for years, and bedrooms are no exception. Although a dark bedroom can help you fall asleep, most people use their bedrooms for things other than sleeping, infact, Inbaal says: “It makes sense that neutrals would feature at the top, as adding our own accents and personal touches is what makes us feel safe in our bedroom.” For some in 2022, the bedroom has become a space for working, studying and relaxing, and white walls clear visual clutter from both your physical and mental space.

3. Green – 259,800 annual Google searches

Reminiscent of forest hues and shades of nature, green is one of 2022’s standout colors and a popular choice for bedrooms. The most popular green shade for bedroom walls is dark green, which had 97,300 searches last year. Inbaal continues: “Green is a color of spiritual healing and the heart chakra, to make us feel loved while we’re asleep.”

Popular Paint Colors for the Living Room

popular paint colors

1. Green – 188,100 annual Google searches

As the color of renewal and growth, using green in your living room design can be the perfect way to bring an essence of nature indoors without the need for plants. Layering different shades of green works best, from incorporating dark hues to featuring light pistachio shades.

2. White – 150,100 annual Google searches

Using white in your living room can open your space and make decor pieces like fireplaces and chandeliers stand out. The neutral color of white can fit a wide range of design styles, from minimalist to farmhouse and even Scandinavian.

3. Blue – 122,700 annual Google searches

Blue painted walls are a common choice for living rooms going into 2022, thanks to their mind-clearing properties. Warm lighting is the perfect accompaniment to any blue room, adding a touch of balance and an element of relaxation to cooler blue tones. Inbaal says, “Blue is the color of the throat chakra, perfect for a talkative family who love to communicate in the living room.” The in-demand shades of blue for living rooms are teal, light blue, and turquoise.

This article was originally published on Living Cozy and has been edited for Sass Magazine.

popular paint colors

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