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5 Ways to Cultivate Positivity Especially During COVID-19

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Your mind is filled with the papers that are piled on your desk at work, the deadlines you have to meet by Friday, and the bills you have to pay by Monday. You’re beginning to feel like you’re living life on a hamster wheel, constantly trying to keep up. You wake up in the morning, set the kids up for school, and head straight to work, whether that’s on a computer or at a desk surrounded by sneeze guards. Forget a positive mindset, your mind can’t even comprehend getting dinner on the table!

Challenge yourself to try these five simple steps to cultivate positivity in your life, in a way that feels deep and permanent. Take initiative and control your mindset throughout your hectic days. You will find the strength to grow and change in new ways. We believe in you!

Take a deep breath

Allow yourself a minute to relax and really focus your mind on yourself. When you’re calm, it allows for more room to think and for a positive mindset to bloom.

Embrace self-love

Take half an hour to an hour each day to do something you love. Whether that’s journaling, working out, or grabbing lunch with a friend, it’s important to keep a balance.

Listen with intention

When you’re communicating with the ones around you, really try to listen. Stop what you’re doing and interact with them so you can enjoy the conversation as much as you should be a part of it, people like to be heard.

Get moving!

Try to exercise at least once a day or a couple of times a week. Exercising helps greatly with your mental stability and allows you to keep a healthy mindset throughout your week. Once the kids are in bed, turn on a fitness video before crashing on the couch — even ten minutes makes a difference!

Practice kindness

Do something once a day to show kindness toward others. It is essential to spread kindness and it helps tremendously with your own happiness. The kind acts can be as small as holding the door for another person, or as big as buying a meal for another person.

by McKenna Walsh

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