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workout sites to try for at home fitness

As someone who has danced as long as they could walk, I take movement very seriously. But lately I have been seriously dragging my butt! I called on some friends to help me get out of this slump. Together we compiled this list of five favorite fitness sites for people with various body types and abilities. So, whether you are feeling unmotivated or just want to switch up your workout routine, you’re bound to find something you like! Plus, the Sass Wellness Challenge for this week is to MOVE 30 (be active for thirty minutes a day).


We all start somewhere! If you have never worked out before and are in need of a nutrition plan, I suggest you start with FitGirl. This program is the most fun you will have in 28 days and I mean that. They literally map out everything you should eat. Don’t worry, it’s not one of those complex meal plans where you have to meal prep for hours. You eat stick to a plan for a week and then the next week you mix it up. They also give you workouts that you can do in between your bed and the wall. You don’t need any equipment or a ton of space and I LOVE THAT!! Oh and did I mention you get to eat chocolate everyday? Fitness it cool!


If you like to party and shake your booty, I have just the workout for you: The Fitness Marshall. Caleb Marshall is sassy, funky fresh, and ready to turn your living room into a dance floor. He comes up with new routines every week and you can customize your workouts. His videos are labeled with descriptions so you can create an entire class from warmup to main workout to cool down. He even hooks you up with ‘Sweat Sets’ every week. The best part of these workouts (other than his sassified energy) is that the backup dancers look just like me and you! He always has real people working out with him and that really motivates me. So move the coffee table back and make some room before you drop it like it’s hot for this workout.


Don’t let the name fool you. Chillaxers aren’t lounging on their tush all day long. They’re down for a good fitness workout but would like to stay mostly on a mat. (Think planks and leg lifts.) Blogilates is a one stop shop for all things healthy living from motivational memes by creator Cassey Ho (who is literally a ball of energy) to recipes to kicka$$ workout videos. The best thing about this website is that you can request a monthly calendar at no cost to follow. This calendar maps out which 3-5 videos you will do everyday and targets different body parts. Since it is different videos everyday, you won’t get bored. If you don’t want the calendar, no worries, there are so many videos, you can make your own workout. As the name implies, Pilates is at the root of all the workouts so think long, lean muscles for this workout. Be ready to sweat all over your yoga mat.


I am not a runner but one of my best friends, Amie, is. She swears by Tone It Up workouts, so I checked them out! The workouts are led by two women, Karena and Katrina, who look nothing like me but inspire me nonetheless because their workouts are fun and relatively easy to follow. My suggestion is to either follow their videos or go straight to the Daily Workout section on their website. I plug in my headphones and just jam out watching their action figures for technique cues. Whether you’re a runner or just running away from boring workouts, this is one you should definitely check out.


Okay, I am not gonna lie, Lyzabeth Lopez may be my SHERO, I mean her thighs look like they could crush Superman’s head and that, to me, is super hot!  As someone who has danced her entire life and struggled with my “thunder thighs,” following Lyzabeth on social media has really changed the way I work out. Her website is program based, but if you don’t want to sign up for the program, go to her Facebook page or check out her Instagram and find quick videos that will motivate you. If you are looking to transform your body, these workouts will help you sculpt an hourglass figure in no time (well, in about an hour a day).
Are you ready to get moving?

Larissa Johnson

Larissa has been certified with the Athletics and Fitness Association of America since 1988. She is deeply rooted to the stories and movements of her ancestors and believes that movement and music are universal languages that can bridge chasms and bring peace. There isn’t a beat she won’t dance to! Her goal is to spread that joy of movement with everyone who takes a class with her.

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