The Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Increasing Your Curb Appeal

Increasing Your Curb Appeal with a few simple projects

Enhancing your curb appeal doesn’t need to break the bank. Many services and DIY projects will showcase your home’s character and charm perfectly!

Curb appeal matters, whether listing your home or for your enjoyment. A manicured lawn and some hanging plants can make a significant impact. Here are seven ways to take your property from drab to fab. 

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Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Depending on the property size and debris amount, hiring a landscaping service is always an option. If that’s not in the cards, there are several things you can do yourself to save money, and enhance curb appeal.

  • Mow the lawn and lay grass seeds in patchy spots.
  • Prune and trim shrubs.
  • Plant flowers and native plants.
  • Weed the garden beds and walkways.
  • Lay fresh mulch.
  • Irrigate every couple of days during dry, hot months.
  • Pull out dead bushes.

Landscaping is undoubtedly something to focus on if you’re moving. You can boost your home value by 20% by sprucing up the yard.

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Paint the Front Door

Sometimes, you just need a pop of color to enhance your curb appeal. The right paint also increases your property value. Bold hues make a statement and draw people’s attention. Meanwhile, light blue and chalky blue-gray are equally popular.

Dark tones are still the most appealing to buyers. Increase your home’s listing price by $6,721 with a coat of black paint. Although dark, black doors tie into various architectural styles and decorative tastes that can appeal to more people.

Painting your front door to create curb appeal

Add Colorful Pots

Integrate color and decorative interest with flower pots. Add two large planters near the steps to your front door, or fill brightly colored window boxes with greenery and blooms.

Unique shapes, sizes and heights will complete your design. Remember to choose contrasting flower pots to stand out against your home. For instance, you might opt for a bright turquoise planter against red brick. Purples and blues also pop against white siding.

Have fun selecting flower pots. Just ensure you place them intentionally to avoid cluttering the yard.

Powerwash the Exterior

Power washing removes dirt, mold and other contaminants from your home’s siding, giving it a sparkly surface. It’s the perfect weekend project to make your home look brand new.

After spraying down your house, continue with the deck, walkways and driveway. The water is forceful enough to remove oil stains on concrete.

A clean house will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Otherwise, imagine how proud you’ll feel pulling up to an immaculate home after work.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Many homeowners are upgrading their yards for functional outdoor living and entertainment. While some might spend thousands on a fire pit or outdoor kitchen, you can transform the space with lights.

About 52% of Americans renovate their yard with outdoor lighting. String and twinkle lights are the most popular but not your only options. Solar lights, garden decor, lit-up walkways, lanterns and torches are other ways to create a relaxing area.

Focus on the Windows

Weather, pollen and dirt may cake onto your windows, making it difficult to see out. Let the light in by cleaning them thoroughly.

Homeowners should remove rust and mold, seal air leaks, and repaint chipped window frames. Also, wipe down the inside and outside of the glass window panes.

Tie everything together with freshly painted shutters. Coordinating a new shutter color with the house will enhance aesthetics.

Increasing Your Curb Appeal with DIY projects

Accessorize the Front Porch

What shape is your mailbox in? Do you have sconces alongside the garage doors? How is the fence looking? Perhaps there’s a flag hanging off the house.

Accessorizing is an excellent way to make your curb appeal more attractive. Add rocking chairs on a large front porch, lay a door mat and swap out the front door handle for something more modern.

Seasonal decorations are another opportunity to deliver some much-needed charm. Add some pumpkins to your stoop, and hang a welcoming wreath for each holiday and seasonal change.

Boast the Best Front Yard on the Block

If you want people to stop in awe of your home while driving by, fix your curb appeal. You can have the most beautiful property in the neighborhood with just a few updates!

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