Refresh Your Home: Rekindling the Love for Your Living Space

The best steps for giving your home a refresh

There are days when you simply adore your living space. You see it as a unique haven to cherish. However, there are also days when home is just another place. Sometimes, those particular days stretch on. This might be a sign that it is time for a home refresh!

Many people struggle to love their homes for different reasons. They may work from home and feel restless in their space. Perhaps they have lived in the same place for many years and feel stuck. Either way, it’s a valid experience and emotion.

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It can be challenging to stay in a home you dislike. Thus, the solution is to start fresh. Find ways to rekindle the love for your living space. Small steps can result in big feelings. Start your home refresh with these steps:

1. Declutter and Clean

Some people fall out of love with their homes because they can’t stand the mess. Disheveled clothes and paper mountains are quite a sight. Luckily, decluttering can help relieve anxiety from big messes. Sort through the items and throw away the clutter. 

Try to deep clean the space as well. Dust and wipe every nook and cranny down. When all is said and done, it’ll feel a little easier to breathe.

2. Rearrange and Organize

Some people contemplate a new living space if their home feels odd. However, all you need is a little rearrangement. Move some of the furniture around to make the place feel like new. 

You can also get some baskets and organizers for your home. Get your possessions and put them away nicely. It can feel like you have more room.

check off your cleaning list and give your home the refresh it needs

3. Choose a New Paint Color

Pick a new hue for a new you. Start fresh with a different coat of paint. If your walls are blue, yellow could be a nice change of pace. To stay within the same spectrum, choose green or purple. 

Some people only paint inside their homes. However, you can likely paint parts of your home’s exterior, too. That way, you can also make the outside more appealing.

4. Display Fresh Plants

Fresh plants are so easy to love. They make your home feel more alive and natural. Place some in the living room and bedroom. The bathroom can also be an excellent place for plants if you get enough light.

To kick things up a notch, get flowers. New blossoms make any environment feel more peaceful and homely. Plus, many varieties have a fresh fragrance to them. Get a couple of roses or lilies.

5. Adopt Aesthetics 

An aesthetic theme can revitalize your home. Many options change the look of a space. You can go minimalist and add small touches. Some homeowners also do a complete overhaul. Try different ideas to see what works for you.

Here are some examples:

  • Contemporary: The contemporary style is very modern and trendy. Picture neutral colors like black, white and beige. Bold colors are used conservatively to draw attention. Some people love this style for the living room. Other homeowners use it everywhere.
  • Industrial: Industrial prioritizes function over fanciness. Many people use warehouse elements like wood furniture and metal lamps. The decorative pieces resemble complex architecture. The style itself can give a unique feeling of wonder. If you have dreams of tinkering, choose industrial. 
  • Cottagecore: Cottagecore encompasses rural life, combining comfort and nature. Just imagine living in a mushroom. Many people love this aesthetic for their bedroom. Searches for English country kitchens have increased by about 144% recently too. Adopt this when you just want to feel cozy.
  • Art deco: Art deco has a few similar principles with industrialism. They both favor precise and geometric shapes. However, art deco has more variations in color and texture. As the name suggests, this home aesthetic looks like art. Make your home a balance of fun yet sleek decor.
  • Regencycore: Desiring a little more luxury? Regencycore comes from the early 1800s decor style in Britain. Use floral wallpapers that offer a dreamy and vintage look. You can also get lounge furniture with rolled arms. For the bedroom, get sheer drapes and a canopy. Find elegant-looking mirrors, too.
  • Dark academia: Dark academia romanticizes literature and education. It idealizes the look and feel of class. There’s also a slight medieval feel to this aesthetic. To achieve this, focus on muted and dark colors. Think big reading chairs and fun oddities. It also focuses on displaying many books.

Take the quiz and find out what home design style fits your personality!

6. Get Nice Tableware

Buying tableware is a great way to refresh your home. Look at plates and silverware for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also lovely ceramic cups for drinkware.

To go the extra mile, check out cookware too. Indulge yourself with a new fry pan or two. New utensils can be useful and nice to look at. They also add a tiny spark to your home.

Refresh your home with these improvements

7. Replace What’s Broken

Spot something that looks broken? It might be the reason for your home feeling odd. It’s high time to search for a replacement. You might need to replace something small, like a leaky faucet, or something bigger, like a new couch for the living room. 

You can also check out appliances for an upgrade. Think of how cozy a new television would be. Just ensure that the splurge is within budget.

8. Buy a New Decorative Piece

Continually decorating can be a fun way to let your creativity out. Get a new piece if you’ve been eyeing it for a while. 

Unsure of what to buy? A new rug can bring your room to life. You can also opt for a new coffee table topper. Pick the objects that appeal to you.

9. Get Fresh Linens

Nothing beats the feeling of having a fresh change of sheets. Refresh your pillows and mattress with new sheets. You can also get fresh towels for your bathroom.

You might also consider changing your pillow covers in your living room or getting a new tablecloth or placemats for your dining room.

10. Spend the Whole Day Indoors

Rekindle your love for your home by staying in. Just watch a show or do your skincare. You can also cook a nice meal. About 71% of Americans note that self-care brings happiness. That contentment can spark tenderness for your abode.

Fall in Love With Your Home Again

Falling in love with your home can take time. Plenty of effort also goes into it, but feeling comfortable in your home is good motivation. Take the tips above, refresh your space and create new memories with your home.

Refresh Your Home: rekindling your love with your living space
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