The Journey To A Happier, More Confident You

Journey to confidence

Imagine you’re getting ready in the morning. As you look in the mirror, you begin to celebrate what’s before you and feel confident. You say, “Wow, I look great today!” or “This is me, and that’s more than enough!”
Is that scenario a distant reality for you? I’m here to tell you self-acceptance, confidence and increased happiness IS possible! It takes time, deep soul searching, significant life experiences, and commitment to developing who you are, but self-love is most definitely possible to achieve.

I would know.

I embarked on a weight loss journey because I was desperate to find even a morsel of self-acceptance or happiness. After months of obsessive calorie counting, ritual workouts, and pounds dropped, the happiness didn’t show up as expected. It was then that I decided to stop obsessing and begin to focus on becoming right from within. 
The fact is, happiness and confidence is an emotion, not a tangible item you can grab off the shelf. Emotions are meant to be experienced interchangeably and frequently. Happiness is an emotion that comes and goes. All this time I had been looking for happiness as a means of it being something I could obtain, rather than directing my life in a way where I can feel happiness and confidence more frequently.

After changing my perspective, I began to see a genuine shift in my life. The frequency in which I experienced happiness and self-acceptance increased as I practiced the following:

  • Find activities and hobbies that cultivate joy in your life. Set aside time for things that make you feel good and serve your soul. The more you do this, the more you’ll experience contentment and begin to build confidence.
  • Practice self-care. Listen to your mind and body, take time for yourself, and prioritize filling up your own cup first.
  • Change your self-talk from critical to celebratory words. The way others speak to us affects our self-perception, so why would the way we talk to ourselves be any different? Be kind to yourself, try not to criticize, and celebrate each and every part of your body and mind.

Heartbreakingly, there are millions of people living in constant comparison, shame, and judgment in life. Here’s my testament to those struggling: self-love IS attainable! You are enough. You are worthy. You are incredible.
Confidence isn’t something that comes overnight, but if you work on it a little each day by telling yourself something positive, I can promise you — your entire world will become a little brighter.

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Journey to happiness and confidence in you
Alexandra Morella

Alexandra Morella is a passionate blogger and aspiring motivational speaker seeking to encourage self-love, body positivity and social justice.

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