How to Create Boho Vibes in Your Home Decor

boho chic home vibes

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to search for home design inspo without seeing the eclectic and layered aesthetic of bohemian-inspired decor at every turn. Heavily influenced by 1970’s design, this style incorporates natural elements and colorful, layered textiles that bring a casual, collected feel to any room. That’s why we reached out to the experts from Toronto to Sacramento to help homeowners achieve the boho vibes they’ve always wanted. So sit back and enjoy these tips from the pros.

Start with a strong foundation

Use a base color as your foundation and build from there. We love to use white fabric complimented by a wood frame for your furniture pieces. When dressing your poolside furniture, we recommend one base color for your chair fabric, and using beach towels in a similarly light color or patterns to offset the darker color of the wood. Roll up your towels and place them at the base of the seat and backrest of your chairs for a structured, uniform look or drape loosely over one side for a more casual, freestyle look. – Peligo Chairs

Make it warm

Boho vibes are, first of all, about natural materials and warm colors. For inspiration, you should look to Mediterranean interiors with their abundance of wood, rattan and linen details. Such decor, combined with modern finishes, will definitely add a touch of boho-chic to your home. – Pufik Home Design

Build atmosphere

Boho chic can mean a lot of different things to people, but I think of it as more of an atmosphere than anything. Calm, relaxing..that brings you joy.  A pop of color can make a gorgeous statement piece and create a focal point amongst a sea of cozy neutrals.  Texture can also add to the mood; curling up with your evening tea in a big textured mug is a great way to center yourself after a long day. – PegDots

Boho Chic decor is for those who want their homes to feel eclectic—filled with a mix of earthy palettes, different textures and patterns, and lots of natural elements.But we love mixing the earthiness of traditional boho with a more modern or urban flare. Add a pop of bright color, like gold, lime or tangerine, or incorporate a chic animal print for some added patterns and visual interest. Have fun mixing and matching to get your own unique touch! – Sass Magazine

Layer your space

Turkish towels and throw blankets have become a growing trend in the United States. Featuring vivid patterns boarded with either hand-loomed tassels or airy fringe, they bring warmth and boho vibes to any setting. Add a touch of style to your décor by draping one over patio furniture, hanging it as a wall tapestry, or simply tossing it on a sofa. Bezzazan peshtemals are incredibly versatile, and perfectly embody that boho-inspired balance between comfort and style. – Bezzazan

Being thoughtfully curated and layered is what makes a bohemian chic space. Adding layers of texture not only through your textiles but also in the items you decorate with.  Layering books, greenery, ceramics, vintage trinkets and candles lend themselves to natural texture and pattern play which is a huge element in bohemian design. – Style House 89

One of the best ways to create a Boho-Chic vibe in your home, which works especially well for living rooms, home offices and bedrooms, is to layer rugs for maximum impact. Start with a large, thin pile rug. Synthetic rugs such as polypropylene, polyester and acrylic work well for this! And then add a smaller rug on top of this which will really impact the vibe in the home. For the layered rug on top, you could go for a sheepskin option depending on your preferences, or you could even add a smaller shaggy rug for maximum comfort! – Land of Rugs

Be bold with statement pieces

Furniture and lighting in a boho setting want to feel authentic, welcoming, balanced, but also a little bit funky. Kick it up a notch and introduce some unexpected pieces- these could be massive wicker pendant lights that make a statement, or lounge chairs and dining chairs with a more sculptural form – the arch shape in rattan furniture is hot right now! As long as these pieces are textural, warm, comfortable, and emphasize natural materials like wood, rattan, and cotton, you’ll be golden. – Stella May Design

Think ‘vibrant’

By achieving a Boho-chic vibe, you have to think about something that gives you a vibrant and vintage atmosphere. Colors can range from neutrals like white to jewel tones. You can also mix and match patterns, decor, and colors that showcase your personality. There are literally no rules with Boho-chic design, no such thing as “too much”. So enjoy! – Mr & Mrs Howe

Make it your own

There’s nothing more boho-chic than doing it yourself! Nowadays you can find ideas for rugs, cushions, wall hangings, etc., in all kinds of crafts: macrame, knitting, crochet; which also bring an amazing tactile experience to the table. If this is your first time, opt for a beginner-level project, and don’t overthink it! – Kate Barrios Designs

Prioritize textures

When it comes to colors and textures, whether it be furnishing or decor, I’d recommend starting with your feature pieces. It’s important to stick to your palette and only add the pops of color you enjoy, strategically. Do you love the luxury vibe of a velvet statement couch? Great! Start there, and decide where you’d like the focus to be. Can you toss a leather throw pillow in with plain ones to balance it? Or how about adding an embellished neutral pillow to a woven basket that compliments your theme? If you’re on a budget and can’t quite pull together your dream rooms; plants are the easiest way to give your home that boho-chic vibe. Snake plants, succulents, cacti, and pothos are all fairly simple to maintain even without a green thumb. The bonus is that pothos are super easy to propagate, so you can fill your home quite inexpensively while fulfilling that draped ivy looks on tabletops and shelving accents. – Indie Twenty

One of my favorite elements of boho-chic decor is texture! I love to mix warm woods with vintage-inspired woven rugs, tweed or velvet upholstery and plenty of snuggle-worthy throw pillows and blankets. Textured accents can also include dried florals, woven shades, lush fiddle tree greenery, sheer voile curtains and so much more. Nothing is too matchy-matchy with boho decor, which makes the space effortless and easy to create! – Guitar & Lace

Bohemian, in style and design, is all about layering and textures. Build a great boho-chic look with knit pillows, light and flowing drapes, while mixing in finishes of gold and matte black with warm wood grains. To create depth and a casual sense, mix bold patterns with similar neutral colors. This helps elevate the level of sophistication. Rattan and beaded chandeliers are a great way to provide warmth that creates the boho vibe and leather accents on lighting can help portray the natural feel that you’re looking for in any boho-inspired room. – Clayton Homes

Wood and rattan elements are a must

Wood and rattan elements are a must for this style! There are so many beautiful and chic wood and rattan headboards, lighting pendants, nightstands/side tables, and accent chairs that you can incorporate into your space. They help make the space cozy, relaxed, warm and a little eclectic, which is how I would describe the boho-chic style! – Just a Tina Bit

Photo courtesy of Stella May Design

Add a mixture of light sources

Add warm string lights to your mix of light sources. There is no other way to describe the warmth string lights evoke in a room other than magical, cozy, and welcoming. Use them as an accent wall backdrop in your boho space. – Loving the Simple Things

Incorporate vintage finds and dried botanicals

To create the ultimate bohemian vibe at home, search for vintage finds that will give any room in your house some character. Look for unique artwork, books, or vases to brighten up a room. For an easy and inexpensive upgrade, you can’t go wrong with plants. Ask your neighbor or friend for some cuttings and watch them grow in your new boho-style space. – Alex Cerball, Travel + Lifestyle Writer

Incorporating dried botanicals into your boho chic home decor- pampas grass plumes, dried saw palmetto fans, hops vines, poppy seed pods- are my go to’s for instant boho vibes…AND they are so much fun to forage for and dry yourself versus going out and purchasing them! – The Old House Vintage Market

Have a variety of plants and succulents

There’s nothing like the feeling live plants can bring to your space! After allllll the layers and textures and colors have been selected, just see what adding a few pretty plants does towards taking your mood to the next level!  There’s a certain vibe that only plants can bring ~ and that’s why our motto is Plant Some Happy. – Oopsy Daisy Garden Market

Elevate your boho-chic home with pops of color with plants such as succulents + palms. Using macrame plant hangers in the corners of your home really adds a fun vibe! Stick with bright and airy paint colors for a more relaxed space and to help your textured and patterned furniture and decor come to life! – Love Jen Marie

Comfy seating is key

One of the key elements of a boho-chic home is creating a relaxed vibe with comfortable seating. Home is where you rest after a long day of work, and that cannot hold more true for free-spirited boho people. That’s why no other interior style looks more relaxing than the boho-chic style. Low sofa, indoor hammock, lush rug, comfy chairs, plus tons of blankets and pillows to create a welcoming space where one can truly unwind and feel cozy. – Hydrangea Treehouse

Be sure to accessorize

Start with a monochromatic color scheme for paint and furniture and let your personality shine with your artwork and accessories. Street photographers of the 60s and 70s documented the bohemian lifestyle through their lens and you can do the same! Vintage film cameras can be purchased for very affordable prices at thrift stores and on eBay. Pair one with a vintage-inspired camera strap, like the ones Talbott & Sons have been making for over 40 years, and you have a great conversation piece that can sit on a coffee table or be worn around town. – Talbott & Sons

Bring attention to the little things

Sometimes it’s the little things that can create a sense of clutter.  Use small decorative containers such as boxes, baskets, tins, and the like to contain those small items that always seem to be laying around – keys, coins, cards, cash, mail, etc.  Book-style boxes often referred to as book safes, can be used to store items that need to be kept safe (semi-safe) or just away from prying eyes. – The Paper Assembly

Photo courtesy of Alex Cerball

Don’t underestimate the power of handmade items

When looking for interesting Boho-Chic textiles for your home, consider making them!  Rug making (hooking, punch needle, latch hook) is so easy to pick up and many designers make complete craft kits for floor rugs, pillows, wall hangings, and more.  It’s a win-win situation: first, you get the benefits of working on a fun, relaxing project, then you get to show off your impressive handiwork via your new home decor! – Loop by Loop Studio

Always try mixing in a few authentically hand-made items, as they will increase the depth of the space more than you’d imagine by adding unique textures, intricate details, subtle variations, and the warmth of the human touch. We love picking up some hand-woven baskets, naturally dyed fabrics, hand-spun pottery, and hand-carved wood wares to achieve the one-of-a-kind looks that cannot be replicated by mass-produced products. When making the selection, keep an open mind. A diverse collection curated from many cultural origins not only provides a source of constant inspiration but also allows your space to evolve freely and never get old. – Minzuu

Outdoor boho decor

The boho look is easy to achieve in the garden, wherever you live and whatever your aesthetic. An informal planting of perennial plants will add interest throughout the year and create a relaxed setting. Large-leafed perennials that are hardy in your area provide a sense of the tropics, whether Hostas and ferns in a woodland setting or bananas and Agapanthus for that poolside appeal. Potted perennials lend a touch of coziness to any outdoor sitting area, and drought-tolerant plants such as Agave, xMangave, and cactus can turn your patio into a Southwest oasis. – Juniper Level Botanic Garden

This article was originally published on Redfin’s Blog by Mike Cahill. It is republished with permission from the author.

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