Sunday Scaries: How to Prep for the Work Week

what are sunday scaries

Let’s be honest, Sunday evenings are sometimes a “not so fun,” part of the week. Yes, we romanticize the weekend as a time of adventure and relaxation but once the sun goes down on Sunday, things tend to get a little scary in our mind — enter Sunday Scaries.

But, What are the Sunday Scaries? A question like “What will happen tomorrow when I clock in for work?” is a perfect example of them creeping through. Whether you are in-office, remotely working, or run your own business, sometimes you just can’t help but to have those Sunday scaries.

Well, you’re not alone! It is normal to have Sunday Scaries, and we’re here to help tame those scary thoughts or at least make them feel less overwhelming.

Make a Plan For Your Monday

What do you want your Monday to look like? Do you want to answer emails first once you get to your desk or would you rather jump into a project? Taking a few minutes to jot down what you want your day to look like may make the day seem less daunting and give you a clear idea of things you will get done and leave space for unplanned events.

Giving yourself that plan of action can make the unexpected feel more in your control.

“Triage” Your To-Do List

Beyond just plotting out your tasks in a high-level way, get even more granular by giving specific tasks a priority. 

Some like to get the most annoying or least fun tasks out of the way first and others like to ease into the day. Your day could look like:

  • Email John about the proposal
  • Create spreadsheet for finances to email Kira
  • Schedule meeting with Clarissa about Q4 Marketing

Whatever work you do, give the three tasks your main focus so once you check them all off your list, your day will feel successful.

Create a Sunday Scaries Ritual

Your biggest question may be “How can I relax on a Sunday?” and this is where a ritual may come into play. A ritual can be a grounding experience that calms you on your Sunday — either during the day or as you wind down.

This may be getting outside for a walk, adding your yoga routine or meditation practice to your Sunday routine, or even just making a cup of Chamomile or any other type of calming tea. Your Sunday ritual can give you a routine that leads to feeling more grounded and (hopefully) relaxed.

Wind Down At Night

The biggest thing you can do to banish the Sunday Scaries is to truly wind down at night on Sunday.

Putting your phone away, not checking emails, and getting into the mindset of separating work once you have planned your Monday. You have done enough work so allow this time to not be connected to any connection to your work tomorrow. It may feel difficult but you will feel much better knowing you will not have the temptation to look in your inbox or do “one last check.”

So yes, Sunday Scaries may have a connection to anxiety or the stress of the modern work week, but it is real nonetheless. You don’t need to feel alone with Sunday Scaries but you also do not have to continue to let that ruin your Sunday evening.

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