Simple Steps to Revamp Your Backyard This Year

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A beautiful backyard is your home’s hidden gem. It has no curb appeal impact but enhances everything else. Its finished portion extends your living space. Pretty landscaping enhances nature and raises your property’s value. Consider these six simple ideas for a backyard revamp!


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Add a Statement Rug

A large head-turning rug makes a striking outdoor focal point. It can breathe life into your lackluster patio or deck. Alternatively, it can serve as a stunning accent in a minimalist backyard.

Avoid using an indoor rug. Outdoor versions are tough enough to withstand the elements. They come in various natural and synthetic materials. Sisal and nylon are popular options.

Think about your existing decor when comparing these hardy furnishings. The pattern and color should complement the adjacent design features. A properly sized outdoor rug must leave the edges bare. It can make your patio or deck seem more spacious.

Sometimes, circular rugs make more sense than rectangular ones. Should yours have curves instead of corners? Let your furniture arrangement dictate the shape.

Consider its placement, too. Underneath the furniture is the safest location. However, putting it in an empty spot also works. You can use it to accentuate a pathway. This stylish covering can hide unsightly floor imperfections.


Construct a Fire Pit

A fire element can prolong your backyard’s usability. This addition brings literal warmth to your patio or deck. It can turn your outdoor space into a campsite. Fire-gazing also lets you take the edge off stress.

Building a fire pit can be overwhelming. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a considerable sum. Taking the DIY route will only set you back two figures. You need these materials and tools:

  • All-purpose sand
  • Fire brick or square concrete pavers
  • Level
  • Metal fire pit ring
  • Pea gravel
  • Retaining wall blocks
  • Shovel

Your metal fire ring should match your desired hole size. Once you have the appropriate supplies, begin digging. A recreational fire pit’s diameter must be 3 feet max. Its depth should be 24 inches at most.

Ensure to line it with sand before stacking up bricks. Then, set the metal fire pit ring atop the structure. Lastly, use gravel to contain the fire if it spreads. The aggregate should keep the embers from becoming fire hazards. Firefighters believe 10 feet is a safe minimum distance.


How to revamp your backyard in a few simple steps

Diversify Your Ground Cover

Homogenized ground cover is a common denominator in bland landscaping. Combining materials can lend your backyard more interest.

Mix vegetation with hardscapes. Blending turfgrass with pavers and rocks can be visually appealing. Use synthetic turf instead of the natural variety. Artificial material requires less maintenance and lasts longer.

Grow white clover, chamomile, oregano and thyme to diversify your backyard flora. These edible plants fuse lush with vividness.

Build a Tree Bench

Under a tree is a fantastic backyard relaxation spot. Constructing furniture around it makes it a comfortable reading nook. Thick foliage minimizes sun exposure, promoting good health. This naturally shaded area blocks solar heat and ultraviolet radiation. 

Midsized trees are ideal for wraparound benches. They seat and make good backrests for multiple individuals. Observe proper clearance between the trunk and the bench. The space provides the tree room to grow. Witnessing this gap narrow over time is fascinating.

Building interconnected seats around a tree requires decent carpentry skills. Ground unevenness complicates this project. Make the bench slightly sloped to adapt to steep terrain. Shorten or lengthen the legs as you see fit. Dig small holes to get around protruding roots.

Install a Wind-Resistant Awning

An awning offers sun protection to an unshaded social area. Control and retraction matter in windy areas.

Fixed awnings resist wind damage when properly constructed and installed. However, being permanently mounted can be disadvantageous during storms. Conversely, retractable awnings are less prone to detachment. They can hide when the wind blows too hard. Being less susceptible to continuous flapping helps prevent fabric tears.

Controlled retraction is a winning feature. However, it requires you to be present during a windy event. Otherwise, it stays open and becomes vulnerable to damage.

Integrate wind sensors to protect your retractable awning. They collect and analyze wind speed and direction of force data. Anemometers, weather vanes and wind load sensors trigger retraction automatically.

Set up Mood Lighting

String lights can transform your backyard ambiance after dark. They produce a starry night vibe under an overcast sky.

These lights add drama to simple outdoor seating. They enhance the look of a lonely hammock. Their gentle illumination sets the proper mood for meditation. They let you enjoy your backyard theater in style. 

String lights are enchanting on their own. Still, they go well with pathway lanterns and torches. 

Give Your Backyard a Makeover With Simple Additions

Transform your outdoor space without going overboard. Enhance your backyard’s beauty and functionality with these fun ideas for a backyard revamp

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