10 Weekend Projects for Your Backyard

DIY projects to upgrade your backyard

Spring has sprung, bringing opportunities to enjoy your backyard. As wonderful as it may already be, you can make it better. These weekend projects could bring a new feel to your yard. 

While there are certain jobs to hire the professionals for, here are some backyard projects to help create your perfect outdoor retreat in just one weekend. 

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Picnic Table

Picnic tables are more than just a place to eat. You can also use them for playing games or relaxing with family. Assemble a simple and sturdy table this weekend.

You’ll need 12 2×6 and 11 2×4 wood planks, as well as a drill. However, you can adjust the size to fit your family’s needs. 

Choose whichever stain color you prefer. Use epoxy or lacquer to protect your table from the weather. 

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a classic American furniture style. They’re comfortable and hardy additions to your yard. 

Purchase pretreated wood or treat your own 2×4 planks. Screw them together to create a perfect patio setup. These versatile chairs make excellent seating around a pool or firepit. 

Make one or two each weekend to have ample seating in just a short while.

Compost Bin 

Composting is a sustainable way to dispose of biodegradable materials. It also saves you money on potting soil. 

For this sustainable backyard project, You’ll need a sturdy container and something to break down the materials. Earthworms are an excellent way to create compost.

Composting requires nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich materials, air and water. Drilling holes in your container distributes air through the mixture. Add more once the organic materials start breaking down. The final product creates a nourishing fertilizer for garden beds. 

Backyard DIY projects for the weekend

Fire Pit

Fire pits are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors. You can get warm, light up the night and cook food. Make your own in a weekend. 

Build your pit at least 10 feet from structures and ensure it’s near a water source. You’ll need a metal fire ring, sand, bricks and gravel. Dig a hole and line it with sand, then layer bricks until you reach your preferred height. Your fire ring should sit on the top row. 

Place pea gravel around your fire pit to serve as a protective barrier from flammable materials.


A backyard patio is a must-have for many people. Tile and stone are versatile, water-resistant and long-lasting materials. They’ll serve as an excellent base for enjoying time with loved ones. 

You can layer stones on sand or get attachable tiles. They go together like puzzle pieces for simple assembly. If using stone, fill in the cracks with sand. Ensure you treat the area for weeds before assembly. This prevents them from creeping through cracks or seams. 

Privacy Screen 

You can create privacy by making a do-it-yourself wood screen. 

Use drills, nail guns and staple guns to attach the wood slats and shield your yard. Create solid walls or leave small gaps to filter light. For extra beauty, you can transform a lattice screen. Use real or faux flowers to fill in the gaps. Change them each season to suit your decor. 

The right size or pattern can make an attractive screen. 

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An awning will let you enjoy hot, sunny days. 

Create a custom awning by making a frame from PVC pipes and wood beams. Attach a canvas to the frame via ropes and eyelets. You can also make a pocket to slide it on. 

There are two options to consider. A standard awning provides consistent shade throughout the year. A retractable one offers more flexibility. Make one by using a pulley system with ropes. 

You can also consider a more permanent solution for awnings that are made custom to your outdoor space.


Water soothes the soul, and a backyard fountain is just the elixir you need. 

You can customize a fountain with water-resistant materials. Consider brick, treated wood and flower pots. You’ll also need a pump, power source and water reservoir. You’ll create a relaxing addition to your backyard in no time. 

Consider adding a fish pond for a calm and unique experience. 


A sandbox is a great family-friendly addition that doesn’t take long to create. 

Sandboxes provide a hub for creativity and sensory exploration. They can be as small or large as you want. You’ll need landscape timbers, wood screws and barn nails to build one. Consider adding weed barriers to keep your kids safe. You could also utilize a large kiddie pool or container. 

Add toys, a towel and a small umbrella to create a beach. The whole family can get in on the fun. 

Backyard upgrades for the weekend

Hammock Stand 

No outdoor seating is as relaxing as a hammock. However, hanging one between trees can be dangerous. You can solve this problem with a hammock stand. 

Use treated wood to build an A-frame. Top it with a sturdy beam before attaching the hammock. Weight test it before using and supervise children on it. It creates the perfect spot to read or relax. 

The gentle rocking motion is an excellent way to relieve stress. 

Transform Your Backyard This Weekend

Your backyard should be a place to relax and enjoy. These backyard projects will take it from basic to beautiful. All you need is a weekend to transform your yard into a place you can’t wait to spend time in.

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