15 Ways To Take A Staycation Without Traveling

How to plan and take a staycation

Stuck at home while everyone else is posting photos of their epic travel adventures? No worries! Give yourself a vacation at home without leaving your town, or even your house! We’ve put together our favorite ways to win the staycation game.

1. Shut Down

Turn off your devices. Yep, that means your cell, your ipad, your laptop. Hell, if you still have a landline phone, turn the ring tone off (or at least down). Try not to be distracted by social media, text messages, emails or phone calls. Put an away message on your work email. Shut. It. Down.

2. Sit Outside

Like, all day! Find some shade to sit under, or lounge on your back porch or deck. Make sure to wear sun screen! Enjoy the outdoors, listen to the birds (or city noises, depending on where you are), and get some much need vitamin D.

3. Read for Fun

Pick up a fun summer romance or mystery. Or, grab a few different magazines that strike your fancy. This means no business or self-help books. Just read for pure entertainment. (Need some suggestions? Check out some of our favorite summer books by female authors)

4. Sleep In

Yep, you heard us…sleep late, go to bed early, and/or take a nap in the middle of the day. Don’t worry about what time it is—listen to yourself and your body and rest.

5. Play a Vacation Soundtrack

Enjoy hearing reggae music when you’re at the beach? Play some reggae tunes at home. Want to hear the calming sounds of the ocean? Find a relaxing soundtrack on Spotify featuring beachy sounds. Like the peaceful call of birds in the morning… yep, you guessed it, find a soundtrack (or just crack your window open in the morning!). Whatever sounds put you in a vacation or relaxing mood, put them on and play them throughout the day.

6. Make or Sip a New Drink

Learn how to make a new cocktail, or buy a new wine or summer seasonal craft beer at the liquor store. Have a drink or a sip whenever you want one. Hey, girl, you’re on vacation…it’s 5:00 somewhere. (Try our recipe for an easy “sweet garden mule” or a “gardener’s knees”, using fresh herbs!)

7. Take a Spa Day

Take a relaxing bath by candle light or add aroma therapy oils to the water. Give yourself a pedicure, or have your partner give you one. Make a natural face mask or sugar scrub.  Give yourself a spa day in your own home, or visit a local spa and treat your self.

8. Go Glamping in Your Own Backyard

We’re not talking just your basic camping essentials here. Go all out! Put the tent up, blow up an air mattress, cut some fresh flowers, string up some pretty white lights—have fun with it! And if you forgot something, you just need to run inside to get it!

9. Become a Hometown Tourist

Walk around your hometown with fresh eyes. Try a new restaurant (or visit one you’ve been meaning to get to), shop at local boutiques, grab ice cream at a local dairy, visit some of the historical or local landmarks around you. Say hi to people you pass on the street. Whistle while you walk. No agenda, just explore!

10. Go Out to Eat or Get Delivery

One of the fun things about vacation is trying new foods. Go out to eat every night! Or, bring home a different cuisine that you’ve been meaning to try…get some crabs and have a crab feast, order several dishes and have an Indian food buffet, go to a taco bar and bring home different fixin’s to try. Or, go out! Make reservations at the fanciest restaurant, or go to a local bar and sit on their outside patio. Whatever you’re in the mood for!

11. Get Your House Cleaned

One of the best things about vacation is not having to do the cleaning and everyday house chores. Well, if you’re saving money by staying home, then splurge a little and hire someone to clean your house for you. Trust us on this—it’ll be one of the best gifts you’ve given yourself. And it will allow you to just simply relax.

12. Find a Local Swimming Hole

While your staycation might not get you close to a beach, there are probably lots of other watering holes you can easily find! Look up local lakes and state parks. Go fishing on the edge of a local river or stream. Or, see if there is a community pool you can get a guest pass for. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sun and surf!

13. Eat by Candlelight

Set up a fancy dinner and eat by candlelight. Or, better yet, pick up a few backyard torches and set them around your deck, patio or picnic table. Set a few hand picked flowers on the table and dine al fresco! Looking for an easy, healthy summery recipe? Try our Peach Gazpacho Recipe!

14. Take Lots of Photos

We always take fun family photos or selfies when we’re visiting someplace, but why not do the same when staying home. Find a new cool spot in your backyard and take a few shots. Or, go to your local town and pose on a few landmarks. Take photos of all the epic things you’re doing while staying home (your glamping set up, your candlelit dinner, your newest cocktail concoction, or your spa day!). Have fun with it!

15. Treat Yourself!

When tend to treat ourselves more while on vacation. But, know that while you may be staying home, you can still treat yourself. Buy a “souvenir” from a local shop. Go out to dinner every night. Allow yourself to relax, with no agenda or normal rules. What happens on vacation, stays on vacation! Don’t feel guilty about just simply enjoying yourself!

Kim Dow Sass Magazine

Kim is the owner and publisher of Sass Magazine, as well as the owner of Sass Studios, a boutique graphic design studio in Frederick, MD. When not in the office, Kim can be found doing some of her favorite hobbies—reading a book, dancing, traveling, or playing with her rescued pitbull.

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2 thoughts on “15 Ways To Take A Staycation Without Traveling

  1. DAD says:

    This was a wonderful article. Even though I’m a man there were lots of fun things to do that Sass provided. Camping out in the backyard was fantastic. See sights around the corner that have been there forever but never noticed. Making a new drink instead of the same old one. Great times!

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