5 Essential Oils Every Woman Should Own

5 Essential Oils For Women

We all get caught up in taking care of everything but ourselves, and often we find that we run out of the time to do that. I know that as a full-time student who worked full time as well, I always put school and work ahead of my own self-care. It wasn’t until I began my degree in health and wellness coaching that my self-neglect truly set in. Whether we’re students, wives, mothers, dedicated employees, boss babe, or a combination of these things, with all that we’re responsible for, the thought of self-care can sometimes seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! Self-care can be as simple as using essential oils in a variety of ways to help with our emotional, physical and mental well-being. I’m sharing five essential oils that every woman should have to ensure that they’re practicing some form of self-care.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils. Many love the flowery aromatics of lavender oil but more importantly, they love its stress-relieving properties. While it is most commonly known for its ability to reduce stress, it is also great for aiding against migraines, colds and the flu. Lavender is perfect for misting your pillow to help you sleep and even for drinking to help reduce the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone, in your body. Or, make a DIY lavender sugar scrub and unwind in the bathtub! (This scrub makes a great gift, too.)


Another favorite, lemon has a “clean” smell that people love. Lemon essential oil is multifaceted making it a must-have. It helps with physical, emotional and mental well-being as it aids in skin irritations and acne; it’s a mood enhancer, and it helps increase concentration.


When we’re sick, it makes it even more difficult to take care of ourselves, let alone others. If you feel a cold coming on, peppermint is a great decongestant with its cooling and refreshing effect.  It’s also a natural energy booster so when a cold has you feeling down, turn to peppermint essential oil.


When you’re feeling like your brain has had enough and you’re getting a bit foggy, rosemary is a great oil to have on hand. Rosemary not only helps with brain fog, but it helps with headaches and migraines; is a memory booster and enhances overall brain function. Rosemary is a great oil to diffuse at your desk.

Tea Tree

When given a choice to possess one essential oil, tea tree is often the one chosen. Tea tree oil has many healing properties that act fast. If you have a minor cut, burn or insect bite, tea tree oil can heal it quickly and effectively. It also boosts your immune system making it a great go-to during flu season.

While I’ve highlighted 5 must-have essential oils, some may not be for you. There are hundreds that can help you, so I recommend doing some research and testing some out to see which ones your body responds best to. The aromatherapy uses are incredible and if you’re not already making essential oils a part of your self-care regimen, I highly suggest that you do!

Casey Clark

Casey Clark is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to help others. Since graduating with her MBA in 2015, she has founded three companies, all focused on helping others, and has continued her education to obtain a second master’s degree, in health and wellness coaching.  As an entrepreneur, Casey has learned to understand the significance of self-care and enjoys helping others gain an understanding of and practice self-care through her health and wellness company, Heaven On Earth.

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