A Mother Nature Approved Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding ideas

There is something extra special about an outdoor wedding. The beauty of a couple’s commitment to each other, combined with the beauty of natural surroundings, elevates an already lovely experience. Turn your ceremony into a dreamy oasis by taking into account these aspects of planning an outdoor wedding.

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Choose Your Atmosphere

One of the major reasons why you’re choosing an outdoor wedding is because you’re inspired by the natural elements of your venue. Embrace them! Do you want to say “I do” on a mountainside, in the countryside, in a garden, or on a beach? Choosing your setting is the first step, and will guide the rest of your vision.

Couples who live in Maryland should consider Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood in Thurmont. This unique venue offers numerous outdoor ceremony sites, such as a pine cathedral, an arboretum, a rustic barn, stone bridge, a pavilion, pasture areas, and a beautiful willow pond.

Take Advantage of Natural Scenery

No matter what kind of place you’ve chosen, embracing its natural beauty will really make it shine. Avoid bringing in a bunch of busy decorations and backdrops, like you might have used had you rented a ballroom. Outdoor weddings should highlight the simplicity of the outdoors! Need some inspiration?

Pine Cathedral

Looking for an outdoor ceremony that is bohemian chic and has the fresh smell of pines? A pine cathedral is the perfect choice for your special day with panoramic views of the mountainside.


Does the word sustainable ring in your head when thinking of your ceremony? A botanical garden exclusively of trees strung with lights makes this outdoor wedding spot drop-dead gorgeous.

Rustic Barn

Are you looking for something with a laid-back vibe? A rustic barn gives you some flexibility with the elements, a stunning juxtaposition with your wedding wear, and a casual atmosphere.

Decorate Accordingly

No matter what outdoor wedding location you’ve chosen, you can (and should!) embrace its unique characteristics when decorating.


Incorporate the natural scenery in your decor by playing with greenery as a backdrop for photos, hanging decorations from tree branches, or including clippings from wild flowers on your tables. Beach weddings could have simple pampas grass or eucalyptus garlands.

Focal Points

A trellis is a functional way to create a focal point where you’ll exchange your vows without overwhelming the natural surroundings. Incorporating the beauty of vines or flowers at your altar may be the soft, yet major statement you need. Try a Jewel of Africa Nasturtium or a Mandevilla as your flowering vines.


Wherever you get hitched, your photographer will thank you for having chosen a place bursting with natural beauty and textures. When touring your venue, keep an eye out for elements that will make a great backdrop – that old stone wall, the faded barn doors, the field of flowers, or the sweeping hilltop vista. By making what’s already there the main source of decor, you’re not only getting jaw-dropping views but you’re not paying for a bunch of extra stuff you don’t need!

Planning an outdoor wedding can be overwhelming. For your special day, consider the atmosphere, embrace nature, and decorate accordingly. You can have a stunning, budget-friendly outdoor wedding.  Need a hand with planning? The staff at Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood have curated helpful guidelines to make your wedding experience peaceful and naturally beautiful.

Chloe Scott
Chloe Scott
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