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Yay or Nay: Period Underwear

period panties

Ever catch yourself thinking about all the pads and tampons we go through in our lifetime that either end up in a landfill or down the toilet? If the answer is yes, then we advise you to keep reading this article. Menstruation is something we all go through. Although the idea of bleeding through underwear may gross some of us out, period panties save the day!

So how do these “PP’s” work exactly and will you feel gross? To help you navigate if period underwear is the right feminine product for you, we’ve broken down their make and recommended some brands that won’t break the bank and make you revert strictly to pads and tampons.

How They Work

Not all period underwear is created equal. Some have better absorbency levels than others and some have removable pads built into them. Discussions as to whether period panties are best for lighter days over much heavier ones are still going on. Use of period panties as a primary  collection method is not recommended when you’re away from home. We’ll let you decide what works best for your monthly visitor from our recommendations below.

Absorbent and Comfortable


Pantys is a fun brand that believes everyone deserves access to menstrual hygiene. They are a certified B Corporation, with a focus on sustainability and social accountability. They offset their carbon emissions so all pantys are carbon neutral and also use revolutionary Amni Soul Eco® biodegradable fabrics to reduce waste from disposables. So, when you purchase Pantys, not only will you get super comfy, clinically approved leak-proof underwear, but you can also be reassured that you’re purchasing a product that is better for the planet.


Thinx’s focus on menstrual equity is divided amongst their four product options.

  • “Classic” is their fan favorite signature line of period panties.
  • “Thinx Air” keeps the heat away with ultra-thin cooling micro-mesh fabric.
  • Thinx even thought to have period-safe apparel. You can find sleeping shorts, leggings, workout shorts, and leotards in a variety of absorbencies.
  • “Saver Sets” are just what the name reads. These sets include 3 of the same underwear of your choosing and are discounted a little over 10%.

Thinx has been breaking the period taboo since 2013 with sustainable product processes and ethical working conditions. Products, including apparel and sets, range from $24-$102.


Dearkate period panties are lined with three layers of absorbent fabric to prevent leaks, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. This company wants women to feel fresh and fearless during that time of the month, all while avoiding leaks and stains. Dearkate recommends using their products for lighter days and backups although their panties offer coverage for up to two tampons. The price range is from $36-$40.

Budget Pick


Bambody considers themselves to be the period protection game changer. They offer period panties at a lower price than that of their competitors and can also be purchased on Amazon. The company was born in Australia in 2018 with the vision to reduce the environmental impact of single-use period products. The price range for their products is $14.90-$19.90.

Period Underwear After-Care

Since these are multi-use, you will have to wash your menstrual panties. It isn’t uncommon for a smell to develop that is similar to a used pad after a few hours. Be sure to wash your period undies with care and follow all manufacturer recommendations. If wanting to go the natural route, hand wash and air dry your period panties. 

period panties

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