8 Wellness Travel Spots in the US

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No matter who you are or what kind of job or lifestyle you have, we’ve come to a point in this day and age in which we could all use a bit of a personal reset from time to time. That might mean different things for different people. When thinking about reconnecting with yourself, you might feel pretty inspired to put down work and get more in tune with your own ideas and inner creativity. Others may feel the need to rest and rejuvenate their physical bodies, or take a deeper look at their understanding of their own spirituality. Whatever you feel like you need to take time to refocus and recharge, you’re not alone. That’s why we are able to bring you this list of most highly recommended wellness travel spots in the US. Have a look, and see which one might fit the bill!

wellness travel spots

Sedona, Arizona

At the top of Trip Advisor’s list for best wellness vacation destination spots in 2018 is Sedona, Arizona. It sits amidst a collection of red rock mountain, desert canyon walls, and lush pine forests. This sightly town is well-known for its year-round mild climate. Also for its vibrant, new-age, and artistic community situated right at the heart of the city. Apart from the several spas, health-conscious restaurants, and eye-catching art galleries to visit, Sedona also offers plenty of walking and biking trails on the outskirts of town. There’s also a relaxing and scenic view of nature all around to help you ground yourself in your stay.

Big Sur, California

The Esalen Institute, commonly referred to as simply “Esalen,” is truly an experience like no other. Situated cozily on the western coast between the Pacific ocean and the Santa Lucia Mountain range, the atmosphere alone is diverse, peaceful, and overwhelmingly gorgeous. But the nature is hardly even the best part! The Institute itself is comprised of a collective mindset, values, activities, and opportunities for personal growth and understanding! It’s all in the name of serving the world through supporting a positive, transformative change in its inhabitants. Are you intrigued yet? Go for the scenery, go for the energy, go for the hot springs and healing arts they offer. Or go for the list of diverse and explorative workshops hosted every weekend. Whatever you go for, you won’t be disappointed!

wellness travel spots

Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Nestled within a 600 acre span of valleys and pine and aspen forests in the Colorado Rockies, the Shambhala Mountain Center promises to provide the perfect “container” for the teachings of personal growth, understanding and transformation that they offer. Founded within the common Buddhist forms of meditation and mindfulness, the mountain center offers over one hundred programs every year. Each is uniquely centered around a different means of enlightenment and self-exploration. They even have family retreats and events available!  With included departments that focus specifically on yoga and physical wellness as well as artistic creativity. The mountain center is the perfect place to retreat if clarity is what you seek.

New York City, New York

Whether you already live in the city and are just seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle, or you crave a getaway vacation that will supply you with views of the Big Apple and internal serenity all at once, the Exhale Gramercy spa located in Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC is well worth the trip. It might come as a bit of a surprise to consider experiencing classic high-end spa treatments, healing reiki therapy, yoga classes, or a Core Fusion Barre right in the heart of the largest city in America. But you can find all of that and much more at this particular spa. With the headlining message on their site being, “Wellbeing isn’t a maybe … IT’S A MUST,” would you expect any less?

Hot Springs, Arkansas

This wellness destination experience is exactly as its name foretells. In the Hot Springs National Park, you get the chance to soak in a bath fed from 47 different natural springs that is infused with an assortment of minerals, naturally reaches temperatures of up to 143 degrees Fahrenheit, and has been found to treat the symptoms of many chronic health issues. You can relax knowing that you are treating yourself from the same springs that Native American tribes are thought to have used together to form peace treaties. And don’t forget to take in the lovely modern-day mountain scenery and fresh air! You can also add a trip to the local Quapaw Baths spa, a hike along Sunset Trail, and a night experiencing the local fine art scene to your itinerary. Are you excited yet?

wellness travel spots

Boone, North Carolina

Enveloped in the majestic wonder of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Carolina, the Art of Living Retreat Center has committed to a truly unique and personalized experience in regards to getting in touch with both yourself and the natural world around you. You are encouraged to visit either alone or in a group. Both kinds of visits will grant you access to programs that encourage exploring your spirituality, creative expression, and self discovery. Attend a yoga or meditation and mindfulness class, participate in a detox and Ayurvedic healing treatment at the spa, or partake in one of the center’s signature retreats, designed to target and resolve specific core issues that many of us face every day. Had a particular itch for change bothering you lately? Then this is the place that can help you clear it up and carry on.

Hawley, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a place where you can choose your own steps on the journey of your self-awakening, then the lakeside Lodge at Woodloch surrounded by the lush forests in northeastern Pennsylvania is the place for you! They offer rotating weekly schedules of classes you can choose to sign up for. There’s gravity-defying yoga, guided walking meditation in the Lotus Labyrinth, chakra bowl demonstrations, and healing aquatic exercise classes. And don’t forget about the wide array of creative and culinary arts classes. Want to get away from the schedule for a day and go on your own adventure? Visit the luxury Lotus Salon for a unique and seasonally-changing spa day! Or head on out for a walk or bike ride along the Pocono trails, kayak or paddle board at the nearby Little Lake Teedyuskung.

wellness travel spots

Amelia Island, Florida

Last but not least. Been waiting for the perfect east coast beach trip and wellness opportunity all in one? We’re finally there! A trip down to Amelia Island will inspire you with a homely welcome and connective sense of presence like no other. With the chance to wake up and stroll the beach, ride a horse, get active with a bike or yoga on a paddle board, take a high-quality, luxury spa day, or enjoy a delicious palette of sustainably sourced, healthy food from one of the island’s ninety dining options, you’ll see that there are endless choices to keep you busy and experiencing yourself on this island. Be sure to make it there during their next Wellness Festival! You’ll get to experience professional teachers of yoga and meditation sharing their wisdom.

So, do you know where you’re going yet? Are there a few places you’d like to check out along the way? No worries! All of these places and experiences have been offering and celebrating their services and wisdom for many years already. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon! Whenever you’re ready to go on your adventure and reconnect with yourself, your favorite travel spot will be right there waiting for you!

wellness travel spots
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