Advice From Your Wedding Vendor

Advice, tips, and tricks from your wedding vendors on your big day

With so much information out there and everyone telling you exactly what NOT to do. Between Pinterest, wedding blogs and the dozens of weddings you’ve attended in your life, you might be feeling like you’ve got this wedding planning thing in the bag… Or maybe it’s the exact opposite. we decided it was time to chat with the professionals. We talked to the best in the business, from DJs and planners to venues and photographers, and here is some wedding advice straight from the people that have seen it all!

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Maddie, owner and lead planner of DMV Weddings and Events

Nailing down your budget before you make ANY decisions is really important. If possible involve your planner from the beginning. It’s easy to accidentally blow your budget with one or two decisions and it’s difficult to get back on track. Having an expert to give you advice or at least looking at every decision both individually and as part of the larger picture is critical to get as much out of every penny as possible! 

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Sarah Hurwitz Robey, President of Colonial Jewelers

Get your rings early! Sometimes we see couples who put their rings at the bottom of the planning list and by then their wedding budget has been eaten up. Prioritize your wedding bands, after all you will be wearing them every day for many years to come. 

Carly and Kristen, Attaboy Barrel House

Picking a venue can be stressful! When touring it’s important to think not just of the pretty space for a party, but of all the extra things that might add to your budget. Are tables and chairs included? Is there parking on site or will you have to add in a shuttle? Can the space be used for a ceremony and a reception?

tips and advice from your wedding vendors

Stephanie Burman, Owner of 5th & Market Photography

Tell your photographer to take the officiants spot when you kiss to get a photo without them in it. You will have a shot of everyone’s reactions of your kiss! 

Lissette Colón, Owner and Lead balloon artist of Bella Balloons, LLC

Look for vendors that match your aesthetic and vibe! Kinda like when planning for an outfit, picking a tennis shoe when you want the chic look of a pair of stilettos, Not gonna work right? Plus, it is so much easier to delegate when you trust the people you are delegating to, PLUS you will save time and your event will look as imagined. 

Jackie Gambill and Liz Gillison, owners of Freesia and Vine FAV Flowers

Be upfront with your florist about your floral budget. This avoids sticker shock, saves time and allows the florist to propose designs within your budget. Having flexibility in your flower choices can be more budget-friendly and unique. Trust your designers to use a flower that is in season or different, that you haven’t seen on a Pinterest board! Also, greenery can be just as expensive as flowers, so big green lush bouquets and arbors can quickly increase costs.

Jarad “DJ Genius” Bowens, Professional DJ and Owner of Benefactor Events

In the age of the “spotify” playlist it’s easy to assume you can get by with a Bluetooth speaker and a playlist on shuffle but that option does not take into account all the other things that a pro DJ does to ensure your event is successful, like reading the room, making announcements, and keeping your event on track…

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