How to Find a Home Decor Style That Fits Your Personality

How to Find Home Decor Styles That Fits Your Personality

Your personality largely determines your hobbies, fashion sense, friend group, job interests and many other aspects of your everyday life. It also plays an important role in your home’s interior design. However, self-evaluation is difficult and often biased. You might need help figuring out where to start.

Here are the four main personality types and their corresponding home decor styles.

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The Four Main Personality Types

Of course, no personality type is an exact match. Everyone has a 100% unique collection of behavioral characteristics. Still, determining your best fit will help you narrow your home decor options. See which of the four main personality types you fall under:

  • Type A: The first main personality type consists of competitive go-getters. They have high standards for themselves and others. They’re also goal-oriented and prefer to keep things organized. Their behavior is often energetic and aggressive, which might rub some people the wrong way.
  • Type B: This group includes laid-back individuals who don’t show much outward expression yet are highly sensitive to other people’s emotions. Their calming presence makes them easy to hang out with.
  • Type C: People in this group are perfectionists, similar to Type A. However, while Type A’s are outgoing and eccentric, Type C’s are more reserved. They’re obsessed with routine and stability and don’t like when people intrude on their lifestyles.
  • Type D: The last group consists of brooding and introspective people. They prefer to stay isolated but can be great friends because they’re realistic and give brutally honest advice. 

Type A Decor

If you belong to Type A, your home decor style should reflect your competitiveness and eccentricity. Here are some important features of home design that you should strive for:

  • Colors: Your home should be full of bright, vibrant hues. However, the colors shouldn’t cover a wide spectrum because this will make the house too chaotic. You want to focus on a handful of similar shades, such as different greens and blues, to maintain some continuity.
  • Shapes: The shapes of your furniture and other decorations should be sharp and geometric to show off your organizational habits. Incorporate lots of points and jagged edges.
  • Texture: Look for materials with warm and soft textures, like wood, bright plastics and enameled aluminum. Some of these pieces might be high-maintenance, but that’s exactly what Type A personalities look for.
  • Lighting: Fill the house with bold and extravagant light fixtures, such as chandeliers and other hanging pendants. The bigger, the better. They will keep your house warm and bright and fill the empty space, helping the home feel more organized.

Hollywood glam is the design style that matches these characteristics most closely. It exudes elegance and confidence while encouraging socialization, which is exactly what Type A personalities look for.

Home decorating style types
Type A

Type B Decor

If you belong to Type B, your house will be the easiest to design. Outward expression isn’t really your thing, so you can keep your design elements simple.

  • Colors: Stick with a neutral color palette of black, white and gray. You could throw in a dark blue or brown if you’re feeling bold.
  • Shapes: Type B’s like to go with the flow, so your decorations should primarily consist of circular shapes instead of sharp edges.
  • Texture: Your textures should be soft and accommodating, like your personality. Plush sofas, beanbag chairs and quiet bay windows are three good examples.
  • Lighting: Keep the light fixtures simple and subtle. Recessed lighting and small table lamps are your best options.

Type B personalities should aim to achieve the minimalist design style. It reflects their simple, easy-to-please nature and prevents the house from getting cluttered, which would be a Type B homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Interior design style types
Decor style B

Type C Decor

Type C personalities usually have the hardest time finding a pleasing decor style because of their obsessive attention to detail. However, there is still a general blueprint you can follow.

  • Colors: The ideal color scheme for Type C people is a reserved but eye-catching complementary combination, such as red and black. These colors might be drastically different, but together they form a beautiful couple.
  • Shapes: Your house can contain various shapes, but the important thing is that they stay symmetrical. Every room should have a balanced amount of sharp edges and smooth circles.
  • Texture: Since Type Cs have highly specific needs and interests, they should look for custom-made furniture with unique textures. The rarer, the better. Every decoration should have its own story.
  • Lighting: Each room has different lighting requirements, so you’ll probably have various fixtures. Brightness adjustment is the most important feature you should look for. 

Midcentury modern is the closest match to all these design traits. It’s full of interesting textures and patterns that reflect the individualistic nature of Type C personalities.

Interior decorating types.
Type C

Type D Decor

If you are a Type D personality, your house will look dark and gloomy compared to the other three categories. This atmosphere is perfect for the silent, brooding types.

  • Colors: Most of your home’s colors should be black and gray. You can use brighter shades in moderation, but only in places with some privacy, like the bedroom, bathroom and game room.
  • Shapes: Since Type Ds don’t like change, the same shapes should appear throughout the house. Lean toward the melancholic side with downward-pointing sharp lines and other geometric shapes.
  • Texture: Choose comfortable, high-quality furniture with long lives, such as wood, wicker and leather. You should also implement cold and rough textures like steel, stone and brick.
  • Lighting: Keep the artificial lighting to a minimum and rely on natural light. This will help the house feel more reclusive.

The most fitting home decor style for Type D personalities is industrial design. It contains many cold and unforgiving elements that allude to the mechanical age. 

Know your interior design style.
Type D

Find Your Ideal Home Decor Style

You might not fall completely into one of the four main personality categories, but they help determine your general style. Use this guide to assemble your home’s main design elements and find your ideal look.

How to find a home decor style That Fits Your Personality
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