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I Tried Kickboxing for One Month: Here’s What Happened

Are you still searching for the perfect workout? Are you ready to kick it up a notch with your personal goals? There are so many great fitness options on the scene right now, and kickboxing is one that you absolutely need to try!

To give you some context, my background is based around yoga. I practice yoga, I teach yoga, I own a yoga wear company, and I have basically built my life and schedule around… yoga! Something that I know for a fact is that the body needs all kinds of love and care – so in addition to my yoga practice, I’m constantly searching for the perfect cardio and strength programs. Having never punched a bag in my life, I committed to trying kickboxing for a full month to see what the hype was about! You guys, my entire being was shaken in all the best ways! Here’s what happened…

I felt stronger immediately.

After just one class, I noticed my core feeling really strong! After my third class… I felt nearly rock solid in my whole body. The workouts are so well-rounded and you truly get full-body fitness.


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I’ll also add that I wasn’t overly sore in a bad way. I definitely felt the work for one or two days after a class, but it wasn’t that debilitating “can’t walk up the stairs” type of sore when you know you’ve overdone it. It was a good feeling of recovery from intelligent and effective movement.

My entire health vibe raised.

After about a week, I started noticing I couldn’t wait to do more exercise. If I wasn’t at kickboxing, I was doing full-body home workouts and even practicing more yoga. Just because I wanted to! I also noticed I wasn’t craving sugar or alcohol anymore – both of which felt like serendipitous miracles.

It was the perfect pair with my yoga practice.

They totally complemented each other, and I felt like my body was getting everything it needed throughout the week. I stabilized at kickboxing, and stretched it out at home. It was seamless!

I had my best ever month in business.

OK, this might sound a little “out there”. Could it be coincidence? Perhaps. But it WAS something I observed during the month I committed to kickboxing. I’ve heard multiple personal development coaches say that when you raise the vibe on one area in your life, the other areas follow. I was suspicious when I exceeded my monthly business goals, but when my success for the month kept growing beyond that, I couldn’t deny that it might have something to do with how great I was feeling all around. The better your body feels, the better you perform in all areas of your life. I’m proof!

I found community.

I started to really feel at home there after just a few classes. The energy of the community was high vibe and accepting of all fitness levels and body types. The instructors made a point to get to know me instantly. They motivated the class as we powered through the workout and gave us inspiration for the rest of our week. The partner exercises helped me get to know other members, and we’d team up together regularly. I even loved it so much I brought my husband in! The environment felt safe, welcoming, and fun.

Are you looking for a fun way to get fit? I highly encourage trying kickboxing! The music is great, the people are diverse, and the workout itself will bring your fitness (and life!) to the next level.


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