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The Minimalist Skincare Routine Your Face Will Thank You For

minimalist skincare routine

Between the constant stream of ads and brand deals we consume every day, it seems like there’s always a “latest and greatest” skincare product that’s going to “revolutionize our beauty routines.” However, many of these products and the compounding of many different products is actually harming our skin! Ladies, it’s time to ditch the 12-step routine in favor of minimalist skincare.

With 4-5 steps for the whole day and products made with dermatologists at a cost that doesn’t break the bank, this routine is a win all around. Before you go to bed tonight, run to your local store, pick up these products, and start the routine that’ll have your face thanking you later.

Nighttime Minimalist Skincare Routine

minimalist skincare

Step One: Remove Makeup

Taking your makeup after a long day is the WORST! You either have to sit there scrubbing at your face or use these harsh chemicals that leave your skin feel absolutely awful.

Anyone else hate this constant struggle? 🙋‍♀️

Let me put you on to two things: Makeup Eraser reusable wipes and Micellar Water.

The Makeup Eraser makeup wipes are like magic. No waste. No harsh chemicals. And, no more money spent on packs and packs of disposable makeup wipes. What more could you ask for?

The only downside to these wipes is that it takes a bit of scrubbing to get your makeup completely off if you’re using plain water. That’s where the Micellar Water comes in. With no harsh chemicals yet enough power to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oils, Micellar Water is compatible with every type of skin and is a must-have in any skincare routine.

With these two products combined, your makeup doesn’t stand a CHANCE of staying on!

Step Two: Cleanser

Now that your face is nice and free from the confines of your makeup, it’s time to cleanse! While this step might seem unnecessary given that you just used Micellar Water, it’s important to get deep into your pores before the night ends.

Everyone’s skin is different, so use what works for you! However, if you want a relatively inexpensive and effective cleanser, I highly recommend the brand CeraVe. This brand can be found in your local grocery store and was developed with dermatologists to deliver the best skincare at the most affordable price possible.

Step Three: Moisturizer

To end the night, it’s time to give your face the moisture it needs to feel fresh in the morning! Using the right moisturizer at night is vital to leaving your skin feeling healthy instead of dry and cracking in the morning, especially after using a cleanser.

Again, I’m a huge advocate of the CeraVe brand, so I’ll recommend the CeraVe moisturizing cream to anyone looking for an inexpensive way to keep their skin glowing that actually produced results.

However, if you’re willing to invest a bit more in your skincare routine, I’ve also found that Peter Thomas Roth’s Water Drench moisturizer works wonders when left on my skin overnight!

Morning Minimalist Skincare Routine

Good morning! Your face is already thanking you for the love you gave it last night, but your work isn’t over yet! There are two quick skincare steps for you to follow in the morning that will keep your face glowing through the entire day- even when you put makeup on!

minimalist skincare products

Step One: Wash your face with warm water

I’m sure your parents told you this a million times when you were a pre-teen first starting to struggle with acne, but they were actually right on this one!

This step is super simple, yet effective. By washing your face with warm water, you remove any excess oil or residue from your nighttime skincare routine and allow your face to start the day fresh.

Step Two: Use a moisturizer with sunscreen

Makeup is a KILLER when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day. This is where your daytime moisturizer comes into play. Be sure to apply before using any makeup so your skin has time to absorb the benefit of your moisturizer.

Surprise! My recommended daytime moisturizer is also CeraVe. I know, shocking, right? In all seriousness, their Facial Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30 is the best daily moisturizer I’ve found. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and keeps your skin protected from the sun’s (and blue light’s) harmful rays.

That’s it! Five simple steps that’ll save you time and money while leaving your skin glowing!

I hope this helps you get your skin to the place you want it. Just remember, not everyone’s skin is the same and what works for me may not work for you. Feel free to switch the products around to those you know work for you…

However, make sure you’re giving the products their time to make you shine! It may take your skin a little getting used to, but it’ll be so worth it in the end.




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