Four Easy Ways to Update Your Makeup Routine

makeup routine

Makeup is something we’ve all played with since we were young. Who didn’t steal their mother’s lipstick and smear it all over the walls or carpet? In our teens we covered our faces with as much glitter as humanly possibly. Eventually we matured and hit our makeup stride —a simple, glitter-free everyday makeup routine.

But what happened to the days of playing with our makeup just for the fun of it? Trying out new styles, adding way too much blush, making our face an actual work of art? Time — time is what changed! As busy adults, we’ve been forced to speed up our lives, limit our morning makeup routines to 15 minutes or less, and then rush to get out the door.

We all feel the pain of a tired makeup routine. Routines can be great for day to day life, but they kill our creativity. But, we’ve handpicked some seriously EASY styles just for you! Now you can stand out with a deep lip or gorgeous glow with the sweep of a brush. Get those creative juices flowing, and have fun!

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Crimson Beauty

Deep hues are perfect for fall and winter months. Deep burgundy and purple shades are a must! When wearing a deep lip, keep the rest of your makeup simple and neutral. With this look you want your beautiful lips to be the focus. Pick a glossy shade to keep the look vampy!

Liner Lover

Use a black eye pencil to line the lash line, and if you are brave the water line as well! Don’t fret if you can’t create a perfect line — seriously only the makeup artists can do that! Smudge out any imperfections to create a cute and simple smoky look!

Year-round Glow

Grab your bronzer and let’s go! With this look, placement is KEY! Focus on the places where the sun naturally hits your face- top of the cheek bones, forehead and bridge of the nose. Brush in a downward motion to blend into the face.

Loads of Lashes

Before you begin adding false lashes, make sure you cut them to fit your eyes. Cut the lashes down to your perfect size. Brush a small amount of eyelash glue using the back of a makeup brush and let the glue sit for 15 seconds before applying. Practice makes perfect with falsies so buy a few pairs at once and don’t give up! Pretty soon this can become just another step in your morning makeup routine.

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