Skincare Routines & Beauty Rituals For Your Self Care Practice

beauty and skincare ritual

When considering self care and comfort, your beauty regimen and skincare routine are probably not the first things that come to mind. Taking a few minutes to add a ritual into your skincare routine is a great way to build self care and comfort into your day. Before long you will look forward to the rituals you have added into your self care practice.

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Gua Sha

You probably recognize where your body holds tension — your shoulders, back and neck. But, surprisingly, another place we hold tension is in our face. Gua Sha is a practice found in Chinese medicine that uses stones, or other objects, to relieve tension in the body. Light strokes on the face stimulate blood flow to the area to reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Adding this into your skincare routine can help reduce puffiness, ease tension, and relax your facial muscles. Some practitioners even claim it reduced under-eye circles.

To add this skincare ritual to your regime, cleanse your face then add a thick liquid serum to your skin and neck. Next, use a Gua Sha tool — a flat stone that often looks like a heart — or a stone roller to massage your skin working from the inside out. If you are using the Gua Sha tool, use the flat side, not the angles, to gently slide the stone over your forehead, cheeks, and down your neck. Repeat on each side of your face three times or until the serum is absorbed. Be gentle with the pressure — especially under your eyes where the skin is thinnest — the stone should glide easily with light pressure. Some practitioners suggest keeping your tool in the fridge for additional stimulation on the face. Enjoy this ritual a few times a week for glowing skin.

Essential Oil Scents

Scents are another way to quickly add comfort to your day. Many scents have natural properties that can improve your mood or energy. Peppermint is uplifting and can soothe a headache. Lavender is relaxing, calming and can help you sleep. Rose offers a fresh and happy feeling.

Balance your chakras using perfume oils. To begin, close your eyes and smell each scent, then choose three scents. Whichever scent is most appealing is connecting with a chakra in your body.

After choosing, place a few drops on your fingertips. Then, massage the scent into your fingers and inhale. Take three deep breaths, allowing the scent to relax your body. Next, apply the oil to your inner wrists, temples, and dip of your throat. This ritual will have you feeling aligned throughout the day.

Relaxing Baths

A long bath is the ultimate in beauty comfort and relaxation after a long day. Create a peaceful ambiance with candles and essential oils. Flower baths or bath bombs can also be added to bring an additional layer of indulgence and luxury while allowing your body to rejuvenate. For some extra pampering, add a sheet mask to your face while you soak (we personally love these masks from Lapcos). If you do not have time for a full bath, indulge in a foot soak to relax while also relieving your feet. Our feet contain many pressure points, so this ritual will relax your entire body.

After a week, these beauty rituals and skincare routines are sure to make you feel more connected to your body and mind. Plus, they’ll help you be committed to a beauty regime that allows you to be relaxed and comforted.

A version of this article first appeared in the Winter 2021 issue of Sass Magazine.

Laura Abbott
Laura Abbott

Laura Abbott is a boss babe Cosmetologist, who has owned a boutique salon in Tallahassee, Florida for 6 years. She specializes in weddings, photo shoots and styling. A Leo and a connector, she is your “style enthusiast” focusing on your style and beauty — inside and out. She also leads a vendor organization for wedding professionals and networks like a champion. Laura has her bachelor’s degree in Merchandising, with a minor in Journalism from Florida State University, and Cosmetology Certification from Aveda. She embraces her creativity and style in all aspects of her life.

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