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How to Maintain a Good Quality, Simple Skincare Routine

simple skincare routine

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Its function is to protect internal organs from various external insults. Skin is a complex organ and requires specific attention in various ways. Therefore, it is important to know the basic principles of a simple skincare routine.

Good quality skincare starts with the assessment of skin type. Our skin varies in its appearance and thickness. The skin on the eyelid and face is thinner, and the skin on our palm and base of feet is thicker. Generally, we define the skin surface as normal, dry, oily, and combination type. Skincare routine differs for each skin type. Periodic assessment of skin, its elasticity, and comparison with old photos further help you shape your skincare routine.


Most organs in the body initiate repair or regeneration process during sleep. Refreshing sleep is vital for the skin to achieve repair-regeneration effectively.


Adequate hydration allows the skin to maintain constant pH and fight external factors. There is no specific quantity of water that is required every day for your skin, however a suggested serving of eight 8-ounce glasses per day, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon, is a good starting point.


We recommend a diet of freshly prepared meals. A serving of green, leafy vegetables (spinach, romaine lettuce), or cruciferous vegetables (arugula, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, kale, watercress, radishes) is ideal. A serving of fresh fruit is better than fresh fruit juice. Additionally, a serving of vegetarian protein (mung, lentil, edamame, quinoa, chia seed, pea) or high-quality organic meat can be key dietary elements that help provide the necessary tools to maintain the body’s tone, vitality, and radiance.

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Your Skincare routine

A basic, simple skincare routine divides into skin cleansing, complexion balance, and moisturizing.

Skin Cleansing

Simply put, it is the washing of the external layer of the skin. Skin cleansing aims at removing dirt and other chemicals. An ideal skin cleanser would remove the unwanted materials from the surface without harming the skin cells or skin-friendly oils.

Cleansing the skin twice a day helps maintain skin tone and avoid clogged pores. The exposed areas (face, hands) should be cleaned at least twice daily. The choice of skin cleanser depends on your skin type. For example, normal skin types will do best with a non-irritating cleanser with mild foaming action is ideal. For combination skin, we recommend a gentle foaming cleanser or oil. Dry skin types will do better with a combination of non-irritating cleanser, followed by an emollient to provide extra moisture help avoid post-cleanse irritation. Meanwhile, for oily skin types, a soap, or cleanser that binds oil particles to lift and remove dirt is the best option.

While using a skin cleanser of any type, it is essential to rub the product lightly on the skin. Then, remove it with a good amount of water. Avoid rubbing hard with a towel and gently pat dry with a cotton towel.

Observe your skin in the mirror soon after a cleanse; it helps you identify any issues early. After cleaning, your skin should feel clean with slight hydration. Then, adjust the amount of product to achieve proper cleansing.

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Complexion Balance

Providing a high concentration of nutrients directly to the skin by using a serum or toner follows skin cleansing. Complexion balancing allows better absorption and helps maintain soft and plump skin. For instance, a toner may contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid, and Alpha-lipoic acid.


A skin moisturizer locks in water molecules into the outermost skin layer. The outermost skin layer has constant exposure to heat, cold, pollution, and dirt. So, this layer tends to dry out quickly. Also, the ability to retain moisture reduces with age. The choice of moisturizer depends on skin type. For instance, a lotion is ideal for normal and combination skin types. A cream (oil-based) is suitable for the dry skin type, and gel (water-based) is ideal for oily skin type. If there are excessively dry areas or parts of skin requiring frequent washing such as hands, you may want to consider a deep moisturizer, such as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Our skin is a complex organ, but good quality, simple skincare is easy to achieve. We hope this article will help you tailor a simple skincare routine that fits you and your needs.

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