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5 Fashion Tips From a Personal Stylist

“Fashion is a trend, style lives within a person” – Oscar de la Renta

I love this quote from Oscar de la Renta, as a personal stylist it’s something that I always make sure that my clients understand. People often get sucked into trends and thinking that they have to dress a certain way. I’m here to tell you otherwise and give you 5 very helpful tips about fashion and style.

Having style doesn’t mean you have to be dressed up.

Everyone has their own personal style. Fashion doesn’t mean you have to be super girly wearing dresses and stilettos every single day. Although my personal style is more girly, I like to encourage women to experiment casual pieces also, mix and match feminine pieces with menswear inspired items. A tomboy/menswear trend that I’m really into is a cool trench coat with a cute pair of sneakers. I make it my own personal style by wearing a trench coat that might be pink and a pair of animal print sneakers or sneakers with a little bling. Have fun with your style!

Never follow trends

No matter what’s trending at the moment, always stay true to yourself. Know what looks good on you, what you like and stick to that. Be yourself. Don’t be the character from Mean Girls who said, I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops. So I bought army pants and flip flops.” You can totally use celebrities, social media and your friends as style inspiration but always remember to be yourself! You’re dressing for you, no one else and you should always be confident in what you’re wearing.  


It might seem a little crazy the first time you spend $500+ on a handbag or $275 for a pair of jeans BUT you will definitely get your money’s worth with how often you wear and use the items. Trust me.

Always try before you buy…or don’t buy

We’ve all seen an item of clothing that we love but think we can’t pull off. My advice? Take it to the dressing room and try it on! Everything looks totally different on a mannequin and hanger than our bodies. Some of my most successful personal styling gigs have started with a client saying “I can’t wear that” “I’m too old” “I could never pull that color off” etc., only for them to end up loving the item after they’ve tried it. It takes only a few minutes of your time to try something on before buying…or not buying. Plus, its less of a hassle to try on in store than to get all the way home and realize the item doesn’t fit correctly and you have to go back and return it, annoying.

A good tailor is better than a personal stylist

I’m a personal stylist but having a seamstress that can tailor your clothing to fit your body perfectly is the next best thing to me in the fashion world. A bad fit can ruin any outfit. There are a lot of affordable seamstress that can get the job done for you, spend a few extra dollars to make sure your clothes are perfectly tailored to you.

I hope that my tips are helpful and you remember them the next time you go shopping or you’re getting dressed. If nothing else, always remember to be yourself and dress for you! Wanting to try a personal stylist? Email me –

Comments (4)

  1. B. Clarke says:

    This is a great article and reallly helpful for the everyday person who can sometimes get overwhelmed walking into a store. I think if they walk in with these tips in mind they’ll walk out with confidence!

  2. L. Whiten says:

    I love this article…especially about the trends. I need to get out my comfort zone and have more fun with my style. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Kimber Shank says:

    Very helpful advice. If you don’t know what looks good on you, reach out to a personal stylist. They can help you figure out what your style should be. And you can always try new things. If you look good, then you feel better!!

  4. O. Rollins says:

    I love the tips especially ” Try before you Buy” I am a person that usually looks for my size and buys the items. Just like the article stated when I get it home and find that it does it fit and have to go back to the store to return it which is annoying. So when going to the store to buy clothes I will take the few minutes to try it on first.

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