3 Health Benefits of Kickboxing

The Benefits of Kickboxing

How much do you know about kickboxing? Based on kicking and punching, the sport has become a popular exercise option across the U.S. Kickboxing teaches balance, endurance, and flexibility, and offers more than may meet the eye.
I was hooked on kickboxing the first time I took a class in college. I loved punching and kicking out whatever emotions were flowing through my body. Becoming more fit is an obvious reason to try a class. But, you might be surprised to learn how many aspects of your body and mind can be improved by the exercise.

Kickboxing releases negative energy

Punching something feels really good. When you picture the punching bag is your boss, mother-in-law, or that person who cut you off in traffic, you can relieve built-up frustration in a safe environment. I found exercising to be the most helpful way to work through anger caused by grief. Plus, you not only release negative energy when you box — you also gain confidence in yourself as you learn the moves and see results.

The Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing helps provide mental clarity

Whether you’re new to the sport or have been doing it for years, the moves require focus and precision. Kickboxing will challenge your endurance, technique, and concentration. It’s refreshing to go into a workout and be forced to focus on your body. Your other responsibilities will float out of your mind as you punch, kick, and weave through the class.

Kickboxing works your entire body

A kickboxing session requires very part of your body to participate. While it may seem obvious that you use your arms and legs during a workout, you also work your core and glutes. My abs and glutes seemed to burn more than any other body part. (I’m not complaining)! The intensity and repetition results in a high burn in calories over a short period of time. Just don’t forget to stretch!
If those three reasons aren’t enough to cause you to consider kickboxing, here’s one more: the combination of a focused mind and an exercised body leads to better night’s sleep!

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