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How to Create Health And Fitness Goals You’ll Actually Stick To

Health and fitness goals are the type of resolutions many gravitate to in the new year. Unfortunately, resolutions tend to be forgotten or given up by March. Giving up on our resolutions leaves us feeling guilty, disappointed, and stuck. Does that mean we shouldn’t even bother? NO!

Instead of surrendering, consider that there may be a better way to go about making lasting changes. How do we create fitness goals we won’t give up on? We’re sharing four tips to keep in mind:

Don’t call it a resolution

The term “resolution” tends to give the desired change a start and endpoint, and if the resolution isn’t “completed” we tend to beat ourselves up. Instead, turn it into a mindset and a lifestyle change. Turn your resolutions into goals.

Create attainable fitness goals

You want to make sure your goals are attainable so you will be more likely to achieve them. How do you do this? First, don’t set grandiose goals that are too far of a stretch from where you are now. For instance, if you want to begin exercising but currently don’t, don’t set a goal to go to the gym every day. It will be too daunting, and you’ll likely break the habit after one missed day. Instead, start small. Then, break the goal into smaller, micro-goals. These micro-goals should relate to and help you achieve your overall year-end goal.

Here are a few examples:

Big goal: Exercise more

Micro-goal: Go to the gym three times a week

Big goal: Lose 20 pounds

Micro-goal: Lose 3 pounds this month

Big goal: Try new exercise routines

Micro-goal: Attend a new exercise class this month

Turn your goals into habits

Goals are fantastic, but creating good habits is key to achieving those goals. Always get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time. If you’re goal is to exercise three days a week, then create a schedule that has you exercising on the three days you choose. And keep in mind, it takes a while for habits to set in. Don’t give up just yet!

Don’t forget about your mental health

Mental and physical health are connected, making it important to keep track of your state of mind. Do you find going to gyms makes you anxious? Try a singular class or at-home workouts, or find a workout buddy. Does running help you to relieve negative mental health symptoms? Sign up for a race and use that energy to train for it.

No matter your health goal, whether big or small, it’s completely achievable. Always remember why you started in the first place, and don’t give up. It will get easier because you get better.

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