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How to Stay Motivated with Your At Home Workouts

at home workouts

A lot has changed in recent months, and with a majority of people working remotely, there is more of a reason to create and maintain healthy home routines. Without suitable self-discipline, it’s difficult to be productive for work, let alone keeping up with a workout schedule. There will be days you wake up, and the last thing you have energy for is a workout. Sleeping in or lounging in your pajamas may seem like a friendlier activity, but before you self-indulge, think about the long-term effects of making this a routine. There are some positive habits you can engage in to stay motivated for your at home workouts.

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Keep Your Blood Flowing on Schedule

Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the fastest ways to get lifestyle diseases – obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes, and premature death. Regular exercise keeps your blood flowing and helps to prevent these diseases. It is important to set a weekly or daily schedule like you would a Zoom meeting and ensure you exercise frequently. There are many medical reasons why you should exercise regularly, so let it become a part of your daily routine.

List ‘exercise’ on your agenda daily or your to-do list so that it is a constant reminder and helps your brain get accustomed to the idea each time you see the calendar entry. Scheduling your exercise regime will help make it repetitive, and that’s the hardest part. Start by engaging in simple drills you enjoy, then progressively increase the intensity. Taking your training seriously will allow your body to take you seriously and serve you well.

Keep A Record of Your Progress

Ideally, keeping a record of your weekly progress will motivate you as it will ascertain you are doing something right. It’s hard to tell if you are getting leaner by merely staring at yourself in the mirror. Track your weight, and take a weekly self-measurement using measuring tape if that will motivate you. Set aside a specific weekday to track your progress.

Recording your progress is simple with an app, which allows you to log your workout sessions and set fitness goals. Some things to think about include the specifics of your workout drill, such as distance, duration, and sets. Additionally, keep track of how you felt during each workout and the snack you ate afterward.

at home workouts

Get An Exercise Buddy

Once you’ve dedicated a specific spot in your home for your workouts, it shifts your mind into exercise mode once in that part of the house. If you’re finding it hard to exercise alone, invite a family member or friend to join you. With technology, this doesn’t have to be in-person. You can FaceTime, signal, Skype, or whatever your chosen mode of communication is. This person will also double-up as your accountability partner and motivate you to keep at it even on those down days.

You may also consider subscribing to a paid service to stream at home workouts for your desired specific result. It can be an excellent place to start, especially if you have no clue where to begin or what exercises will be most effective. Some popular choices include Peloton, Pancakes & Push-ups, and Beachbody.

Get Creative

It’s easy to avoid exercising when you have all sorts of excuses to hold you back. For instance, telling yourself you don’t have the right equipment is merely creating a mental block. Instead, get creative and look around your home. There are lots of things you can convert into weight, for instance, a backpack filled with books, water bottles, and milk jugs among other items. You can also alter the weights progressively by using different things around your home. In essence, once you have your workout gear and a mat, you’re good to go.

Summing It Up

There are many obligations outside of work that end up taking your remaining free time for the day. It’s important to make sure your personal health is a priority among these things. Once you create a routine and find what will keep you motivated, you will be more likely to stick with it. Frequent visits to your doctor are something you want to avoid, and the quickest way to stop them is by working out regularly and living a healthy lifestyle.

at home workouts

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